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The Loft Conversion for the Life you Lead

Our metropolis gives its residents all sorts of opportunities for lifestyles. People often take up a craft for a hobby outside the home and develop a passion for it. It’s when you want to bring it inside your home that things can get tricky.

Space and light is needed for crafts like painting, pottery, sculpture, scrapbooking, card making, dressmaking, jewellery making, and so on. They all come with lots of paraphernalia you have to find space for. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own room for this, where you could make as much mess as you like and it wouldn’t bother anyone? 

Find Space and Light at the Top of the House 

This is the reason for a good number of decisions about loft conversions, London wide. A dedicated room at the top of the house takes craft devotees and artists away from the other household members for peaceful and productive time on their own. Lofts can be designed to give maximum light, far more than the traditional windows in the rooms of an older home. They are therefore ideal for a professional artist’s studio as well as for those undertaking spare time hobbies. 

A loft makes a great music room for practice sessions, but if you wanted a grand piano up there, you’d need to talk to your loft designer up front about access for it. Some Londoners would just like a home cinema or an extra TV room up there. 

Even those with more energetic lifestyles can benefit from loft conversions. London residents who like to exercise and keep fit often put their gym equipment in a professionally converted loft because there is rarely enough space elsewhere in the house. A loft will usually have room for extras like a top floor bathroom and kitchenette, so that you can freshen up after working out, or make a cup of tea when you need a break from work. 

London Lofts Don’t Just Have to Be Single Purpose

Of those that do have plumbing installed in their loft conversions, London homeowners sometimes think of a dual purpose room that can easily be turned into a spare bedroom with its own ensuite for guests. At Bespoke Lofts, we like to discuss your lifestyle and all the possibilities for your loft, giving you plenty of time to make decisions before agreeing a final design and getting on with the construction work.  

Our customers really appreciate this, and that we go the extra mile to do a hassle-free job at a reasonable price, and complete it in good time. Contact us to discuss how your loft could enhance your London lifestyle.

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