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Eye-Catching Loft Conversion Home Offices

Working from home can be stressful, and it can be all consuming. There’s often no clocking in and clocking out; you work as and when you need to, which can mean working every hour of the day. Having a specific home office can therefore be worth its weight in gold in terms of switching off after a hard day’s work.

Similarly, if you’ve got the space, converting either your loft space or something like the attic of a detached garage or even a barn can help you earn extra pennies if you rent the room out to a local business.

Either way, converting your loft can be extremely valuable. Here are some ideas for loft conversions Essex owners earn a little bit of extra time and money from:

A Loft Conversion for your Business

Separation is key when it comes to a home office. It will really help your mind set if you can totally switch off once your work is done; that part of your house and your life will be shut out once the working day is done. And a refreshed, switched on mind will be more efficient each morning.

A loft conversion is great for this as it’s on a totally different floor of the house, accessed by a different staircase. If you want to use the room as a bedroom when not in use as an office, it’s a good idea to use the room as a guest room rather than your own bedroom, otherwise it won’t be very restful for you!

Keep any distractions within your home office to a minimum; don’t put a television in the room if you’ll be tempted to switch it on, and don’t include anything that will encourage you to procrastinate. By focussing entirely on your work, you’ll be more productive, which could earn you extra pennies in the long run.

In terms of colours and décor, as it’s your office, you can please yourself. Choose colours and artwork which inspires you (but doesn’t distract you!) and install plenty of natural light. Choose the best furniture that you can afford and stick to ergonomic pieces for comfort. You’ll be spending a chunk of your day in there, so make sure it’s a room you’re happy with!

A Loft Conversion for Business Rental

Loft conversions at the top of detached garages, outhouses and barns can make great spaces for local businesses to rent. Small firms will often look for quirky office space which feels small enough to be personal but is big enough for them to progress their business.

If you choose to convert any outbuilding space into office space for rental, check that you do not need planning permission for change of use before you start, as well as checking for any health and safety aspects you may need to adhere to, and ensure that you inform your home insurers that you’ll be renting part of your home out.

Access is key: as well as making sure that it’s easy to access the converted room itself, it’s worth provisioning a part of your land for car parking. Natural light is always a seller, so make sure that the room you’re creating has plenty.

In contrast to a home office for your own use, keep a rental conversion décor neutral and stick to whites and creams; let the business choose any artwork or the likes of framed maps that it might need or want to decorate the walls with. An attractive but not too personal office is likely to earn you a tidy profit!

No matter which use you want to convert your loft space for, if you get it right, it could help you to earn some money from your home. Speak to Bespoke Lofts and let us add some of our ideas into the mix. We’ll have your loft conversion earning its keep before you know it! 

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