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Lowering Ceilings to Achieve a Loft Conversion


Discover how lowering ceilings can transform your space into a loft. Create room to breathe and live freely.

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Extra costs to Budget for with a Loft Conversion


Unravel the mystery behind loft conversion costs. Prepare yourself with this insightful guide to avoid financial shocks.

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What is the Process of Getting Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion?


Discover the step-by-step process for obtaining planning permission for your loft conversion project. Simplify the complex maze of regulations and requirements.

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Ideas for Creating an Office in Your Loft


Hybrid working continues to rise. Most office roles have an element of working from home included. That leaves many of us seeking a specific space within our homes to work from. Suddenly you catch yourself daydreaming about a loft conversion home office.

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How Much Does a Loft Conversion Increase the Value of Your Property?


Ever wondered if a loft conversion will increase the value of your property? It’s a common question to ask, especially as the general school of thought is that any renovation work should cause an increase in property value.

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How to Know if your Loft is Suitable for a Loft Conversion


One of the first things to consider when thinking about a loft conversion is whether your loft is suitable for a conversion. In most instances, loft conversion suitability isn’t an issue.

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Our Top Tips for Low Ceiling and Small Loft Conversions


Loft conversions are a fantastic way to add value to your home and create extra living space. But they can come with their own unique challenges when you’re working with limited headroom or tight on space

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How to Keep Your Loft Conversion Cool in the Summer


We’ve all witnessed the increasing instances of heatwaves in the last few years and it’s clear to see that our summers are definitely getting hotter.

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Does a Loft Conversion Help Save Energy?


Energy efficiency has become more important than ever for homeowners. With concerns about rising energy costs and environmental sustainability, many are exploring ways to minimise energy consumption and reduce utility bills

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New Build Loft Conversions: Important Considerations


New build homes are great for being ready-to-move-into from the minute you purchase them. However, an area of the property which may have been overlooked in terms of its use as habitable space is the loft area.

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How to Save Space in your Loft Conversion Bathroom


Adding a bathroom to a loft conversion is a wise idea in terms of both practicality and financial gain.

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A Loft Conversion to Suit Every Budget


Whether you’re looking for a luxurious loft conversion or something a little more budget friendly, there are ways to create a beautiful new room in your loft to suit any bank balance.

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How to Fill the Dead Space in any Loft Conversion


Dead space? There’s no such thing as dead space! Here’s how to fill any dead space in a loft conversion to make it functional and stylish.

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Too Much Clutter for a Loft Conversion? Think Again!


Lofts are designed primarily for storage, and many people are put off converting their loft into a habitable room by the amount of storage space they’d be giving up.

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Loft Extension Stairs: The Ultimate Guide


Loft conversion stairs can actually make or break a project, because by giving them the attention they deserve, you can get the most out of your new loft room.

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The Best Places for Loft Conversion Inspiration


We’ve rounded up our favourite places to find loft conversion decorating inspiration to suit all styles and budgets.

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How to Bring Spring Elements into your Loft Conversion


Spring has sprung! And with it comes the chance to spruce up our homes.

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Loft Conversions: Style Tips from Designers


a few simple tips and tricks could be all you need to make your new London loft conversion look beautiful.

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Help Attract Future Buyers with a Loft Conversion


Adding a loft conversion to your home is a great way to future-proof it, for both yourself and any buyers should you decide to sell.

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Loft Conversions in Unusual Places


Read our list of unusual but intriguing loft conversions here, from barn conversions to garage lofts. Get inspired!

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How to Create a Roof Terrace Loft Conversion


A loft conversion doesn’t have to be all about the indoor space. Have you considered that you might be able to create outdoor space as part of the conversion, too?

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How Loft Conversions are keeping Homeowners in the Capital


What do you do if you’ve outgrown your London home but don’t want to give up your London life for the suburbs? Loft conversions in London are the answer!

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How to Create the Ultimate Master Suite


For many homeowners, the ultimate reason for adding a loft conversion to their property is to create a loft master suite.

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How to Light Up Your Loft Conversion with Skylight Windows


Adding a good source of natural light, through skylight windows, is one of the best ways you can create a warm and welcoming space within your loft.

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How to Add Value to Your Enfield Property with a Loft Conversion


Did you know that a loft conversion can be a great way to add value to your property regardless of whether it’s used as a bedroom, a playroom or a home office.

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Outgrown your New Build Home? What to do!


When does a new build loft conversion outgrows itself? With changes in life you may need to give yourself more space to breathe. Discover your possibilities

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5 Design Considerations for Loft Conversions East London wide


if you’re planning a loft conversion, the modern attic room isn’t complete without certain essential design considerations.

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Didn’t think you Could Have a Loft Walk-in Wardrobe? Think Again!


If you’d like a special place for your clothes, but don’t have the room in your bedroom, here'some ideas for converting your space into a loft walk-in wardrobe.

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What is a Dormer?


If you’re newly planning your dream loft conversion, you may be wondering, “what is a dormer?”. We're here to explain exactly what a dormer loft conversion is.

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Loft Conversions South London – The Key to Space in the Home


Whatever your reasons for needing more space, when moving is not an option, many homeowners opt for the relative ease of loft conversions.

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Loft Conversions: Everything you need to Know about Loft Joists


Lofts weren’t really built as load-bearing rooms, so if you’re looking to house anything heavier than a few bags of old clothes, you’ll need to strengthen your loft.

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How to Create a Self-Contained Loft Flat


Have you ever wondered about what the possibilities are for adding a self-contained loft conversion flat to your home?

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5 of the Best Loft Conversion Stair Ideas


One of the most important decisions for your loft conversion will be the stairs. Where to site them, what type of stairs to choose and the design of the staircase.

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3 Space Saving Loft Conversion Staircase Solutions


Loft conversion staircases are an often-overlooked part of the attic conversion process. However, they are a vital aspect that needs to be given due consideration.

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Everything you Need to Know about Bungalow Loft Conversions


Bungalows: no longer the preserve of the elderly. In fact, bungalows are nowadays one of the most sought after types of property you can buy.

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A Guide to Strengthening Attic Floor Joists


If you are looking to gain extra space within your home in the form of a loft conversion, strengthening attic floor joists should be at the top of your priorities list.

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New Build Loft Conversion: Important Considerations


A new build loft conversion can help gain the extra space you need when you don’t want to sacrifice any garden, which is often more limited in new build homes.

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All you Need to Know About Loft Water Tanks when Converting your Loft


If you're converting your roof space, whether for storage, or a full loft conversion, but a hot water tank in the loft is holding you back, here’s all you need to know.

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How to Board a Loft: A Comprehensive Guide


If your loft is a bit of a hazard zone, a place you fear to tread, you may be thinking about boarding it out to make it safe whenever you venture up there.

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A Jack and Jill Bathroom? How Can it Benefit a Loft Conversion?


You may also be wondering what this term means. Jack and Jill bathrooms are very popular within attic conversions, and there are plenty of good reasons why.

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The Dormer Loft Conversion Enfield Homes Can Benefit From


Many people opt for a dormer loft conversion when extending into their attic, but did you know there are different types of dormer loft conversion? Find out more

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Guarantee Reassurance for Your Loft Conversion in Chingford


Chingford homeowners can achieve peace of mind by using Bespoke Lofts. Enjoy total reassurance that your loft conversion will be the best

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What Influences the Cost of Converting North London Lofts?


When it comes to North London lofts and their respective conversions into habitable rooms, there are many factors that can influence the cost of the conversion

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North London Lofts: Creating your Dream Home


North London encompasses some of the most vibrant and desirable neighbourhoods of the entire city. Attracting both families and professionals alike.

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Are Bungalow Loft Conversions a reality for All?


With big footprints and the potential to almost double the size of the property, it’s no wonder that bungalow conversions are really popular projects.

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How Weather Conditions Affect Your Loft


For a loft conversion, one of the biggest variables is the weather. Whilst the weather can impact your loft build, it shouldn’t be something that deters you.

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Considerations about a Loft Conversion Before and After the Build


It can be overwhelming to think about the ins and outs of a loft conversion before and after the build, there’s a benefit to taking time to plan your project

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How a Loft Conversion in Leytonstone can Enhance Family Life


Leytonstone is particularly popular with families, and many of them see a loft conversion as the best way to get their perfect home and enhance family life.

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How to Get the Perfect Loft Conversion, London Style


Your family has grown, your needs and hobbies have changed? Loft conversions London wide can help create that extra space in your home within Greater London.

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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas for London Homes


For London properties in particular where outside space can be in short supply, going for a dormer loft conversion can be quite advantageous. Discover more

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Bungalow Loft Conversion Considerations


Bungalows have seen a considerable surge in popularity in recent years due to their suitability to loft conversion, making the property into a two-storey home.

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The Benefits of Using Steel Beams in a Loft Conversion


There are many benefits to using steel beams within your loft conversion to help ensure that your roof space is structurally sound. Discover more here

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Do Loft Conversions Need Fire Doors?


When converting your loft, there are many Building Regulations you’ll be required to follow, one of which is the inclusion of fire doors. Discover them here

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Loft Conversion Ideas for Conservation Areas


In conservation areas, there are restrictions on property extensions and loft conversions but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are some ideas and tips

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Enfield


A popular place for families and professionals, Enfield is the perfect place to explore to find a ready-made dream home or opportunities for loft conversions

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Is There Such a Thing as a 'Unconvertable Loft'?


Some lofts may be more tricky to convert than others – such as a new build loft conversion – but a specialist knows that nothing is impossible. Learn more

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Create a Dream Home with a Loft Conversion in Leytonstone


How can you create the home of your dreams in Leytonstone if your budget doesn’t quite agree? The answer lies in the form of a loft conversion. Discover more

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4 Modern Dormer Window Ideas


Dormer windows have always been a popular choice to add natural light into a new attic conversion. Nowadays, they also give a modern & stylish look to your home

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Top 5 Loft Conversion Lighting Ideas


Whether natural or artificial, there are plenty of excellent loft conversion lighting ideas which can brighten up your space. Here are our top ideas

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Loft Conversion Ideas to Deal With Awkward Spaces


Awkward nooks and crannies under the roof that seem useless? Discover some of our favourite loft conversion ideas to make the most of alcoves, recesses & eaves

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Loft Conversions and Regulations: Your Ultimate Guide


Thinking about undertaking a loft conversion and worried about rules and regulations? Discover everything you need to know in our latest guide.

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Upscaling Victorian Terraces: Loft Conversions in Chingford


Chingford -East London- is a great place to live for families but, with its Victorian houses, loft conversions could be the only option to get more space

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Dormer Loft Conversions: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know


Our Bespoke Lofts team rounds up everything you ever wanted to know about dormer loft conversions to kick-start your planning on the right foot. Read more

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5 Ways Loft Conversions Can Help You Work From Home


There's no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we work. If you need more space, here's how a loft conversion could help you work from home.

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5 Reasons to Use a Recommended Loft Conversion Specialist


We detail five reasons you should use a recommended loft conversion specialist for your home, helping you to save costs by ensuring a seamless build.

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5 Semi-Detached House Loft Conversion Ideas


We run through 5 of the best Loft Conversion Ideas UK homeowners love, from dressing rooms to grown up getaways and beyond. Read more here.

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An Ultimate Guide to Dormer Loft Conversions


A dormer loft conversion is among the most popular types of loft conversion as it effectively adds extra space to your home. Learn all you need to know here

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Loft Conversions Enfield: The Ultimate Home


Finding the perfect house for a family can be tricky, especially in Enfield. But Loft conversions Enfield wide help create the ultimate family home. Learn more

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6 Unusual Uses for a Loft Conversion


When you imagine a loft conversion, thinking outside the box could help you find the best solution for your needs. Discover some unusual ideas here

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How to Maximise Natural Light in Your Loft Conversion


Natural light is a crucial component of any home renovation and loft conversion. Read more about how to maximise the natural light in your project

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How to Get the House of Your Dreams in Palmers Green


Creating loft conversions Palmers Green residents can love - and grow into - is the perfect way to get your dream family home in this popular area. Learn more

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4 Ways to Remodel Your Bungalow


Bungalows offer huge potential and a large footprint. Discover all the ways a bungalow conversion can create the home of your dreams. Read more

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The Ultimate Loft Conversion Guide


Thinking of converting your loft? Do you have lots of questions on the subject? If so, you need our ultimate loft conversion guide!

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Top Tips for Extending Your Enfield Terrace


Enfield is a trendy place to go live in but with many homes lacking space, a loft conversion can become a popular choice for families. Discover more

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Can all Properties Have a Loft Conversion?


Keen to make use of the roof space in your Victorian property, or would like to create a new build loft conversion? Discover all the possibilities

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4 Loft Conversion Ideas for Semi-Detached Homes


What are the top loft conversion ideas for semi-detached houses? Here are just a few to give you some inspiration for your loft build

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Beautiful Loft Conversion Ideas for Small Lofts


Regardless of how small your loft is, there is many a loft conversion before and after photo that will show you just how beautiful your attic could be.

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The 4 Most Popular Types of London Loft Conversion


When it comes to a London loft conversion, certain types are more popular than others. Why this is so, and why some work better than others? Learn more here

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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas: The Ultimate Guide


In search of dormer loft conversion ideas? A window built as an extension of the existing sloping roof, this type of build is popular for many reasons. Learn more

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Room by Room: The Best Loft Conversion Ideas


The great thing about creating a room at the top of your home is that you can use it for any purpose. But what are the best loft conversion ideas? Here are a few

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How to Fit a Small Jack and Jill Bathroom Layout into Your Conversion


Do you have a small loft conversion? Read on for great loft bathroom ideas and small Jack and Jill bathroom layouts which could work for you

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Best of Woodford Green Loft Conversion Bedroom Ideas


Plan the best bedrooms for loft conversions Woodford Green homeowners are nothing short of delighted with. Read on for our best loft conversion ideas

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Top Ways to Create Outdoor Space with a Loft Conversion


If you take a look at loft conversion before and after pictures, you’ll see many incorporate outdoor space into their transformation. Here are our top ideas.

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Top 5 Bungalow Conversion Ideas


Whilst bungalows are great for one-storey living, they’re also ideal for a loft conversion. Here are our top five top things to think about for a bungalow conversion

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Loft Conversion Tips: How to Get Over the Issue of a Low Ceiling


Do you need to raise the roof or lower the ceiling of the floor below? Here’s some expert advice on how to get over the issue of a loft conversion low ceiling.

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Loft Conversion Ideas: Dormer Window Seat


Looking for loft conversion ideas for your dormer window? Look no further than these suggestions for a dormer window seat!

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Loft Conversions East London: The Perfect Property


London homes suffer from limited space. Take a look at the reasons why this is the perfect solution for loft conversion East London wide.

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Top Trends for Loft Conversions Enfield Wide


Residents recognise loft conversions Enfield wide as bringing in benefits to the properties that populate the borough. Here the top trends to look out for

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How to Get Started with your Loft Conversion


Have you been considering a loft conversion for a while and are ready to take the plunge? Then, you may be wondering how best to get started with the build.

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Types of Loft Conversion Before and After


Need inspiration for your loft conversion? Take a look at our loft conversion before and after tips and discover your dream home transformation.

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Ways to Create Headroom for Loft Conversions


Creating headroom within a loft conversion can be a quite important element and Leyton homeowners may wish to consider the following options

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Best Loft Conversion Stairs Ideas


What you do with your loft conversion stairs is an integral part of any attic conversion build. Here are some top factors to think about.

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Bungalow Loft Conversion Ideas


Bungalows are a great choice for many because of their size, often big gardens and potential to create spacious homes courtesy of a bungalow loft conversion.

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How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?


Loft conversions are a popular choice for London’s home but you may be worried about the cost. As experts in loft conversions London wide, here’s our advice!

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Party Wall and Building Regulations for your Loft Conversion


Party wall. Building Regulations. Daunting phrases if you want to convert your loft. This is why a loft conversion specialist is worth their weight in gold.

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Loft Conversion Ideas for Challenging Spaces


Embrace the space! Read on for plenty of loft conversion ideas to give you a taste of what you can do with your odd-shaped loft.

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All you Need to Know About Truss Loft Conversions


As far as different types of conversions go, truss loft conversions are one of the most difficult. That’s not to say that it can’t be done! Read on for our take

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Top Considerations for your Wanstead Loft Conversion


Thinking to convert your loft? You may have a very good reason. But when it comes to loft conversions Wanstead homeowners should consider aspects carefully

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4 Ways to Make Great Use of Loft Conversions


If you’re committing to converting your loft, you’ll want to make sure you have a loft conversion specialist to make the best possible use out of the space

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Do I need an Architect’s Drawing for my North London loft conversion?


Considering converting your North London loft? Architect’s drawings can show exactly what your loft conversion will look like while including your ideas.

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5 of the Best Loft Bathroom Ideas for 2020


2020 looks firmly set to be the year of the bathroom. Many homeowners are recognising the value of a gorgeous contemporary bathroom, and if you’re converting your loft this year...

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Loft Conversion Ideas for the Smaller Loft Space


Whether you can only have a small loft conversion because of size constraints, or are trying to keep costs low with a simple and smallish conversion, there are plenty of useful ways to use the space.

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5 Energy Saving Strategies for Loft Conversions


Saving energy should be at the top of everyone’s agendas. Read our 5 energy saving strategies for loft conversions to cut costs and be more sustainable.

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Upcoming Interior Trends for Loft Conversions


With 2020 just around the corner here come the New Year’s interior design trends! It’s time for fresh starts and that includes your loft’s interior décor.

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Modular Lofts vs. Traditional Lofts


Loft conversions are understandably a popular way of extending your home. They can add value to the property as well as usable space, and it’s therefore easy to see why many people are choosing to go down this route as a home extension.

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A Guide to Insulating your Loft Rafters


Although it may seem like a mundane task, ensuring you have adequate insulation for your loft rafters is an important job.

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2019 Autumn Design Trends for Loft Conversions


The colours of autumn are often enough to get us thinking about freshening up our interior décor.

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How a UK Loft Conversion Specialist can Help you Get the Most out of your Roof Space


As UK loft conversion specialists, we are here to help our clients get the most out of their roof space.

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5 of the Best Loft Conversion Design Ideas


Ready to extend your home with a loft conversion? Or have a newly renovated attic space that you need to decorate?

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Top Trends for Loft Conversions Leyton


More and more frequently, Leyton homeowners are looking towards loft conversions as a way to extend their homes.

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Popular Loft Conversions North London Homeowners are Really Loving


Hundreds of homeowners across North London are seeing the benefits of converting their lofts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Loft Conversion Planning Permission


Here at Bespoke Lofts, we understand that the loft planning consent process is often the most daunting aspect of the whole project.

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5 of the Best Loft Bedroom Ideas


For many people, creating a bedroom in the loft is the main aim of converting their loft. Extra bedrooms are always desirable in a home, and there’s something really rather special about the likes of a master suite nestled under the eaves.

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Loft Conversion Companies East London Colour


Monochrome is huge in the world of interior design at the moment. It’s a really clear and striking effect, and quite a bold look to pull off.

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Walthamstow Loft Specilists: Using Plants


Houseplants are huge at the moment. Flick through an interiors magazine, and you’ll see otherwise minimal interiors jazzed up by fabulous ferns, gorgeous grasses and magnificent monstera. Why are houseplants such a trend at the moment?

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Loft Conversion with Ensuite: A Great Idea at Every Stage of Life!


Many people choose a loft conversion because they want to add another bedroom, usually with an ensuite bathroom.

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Paperwork: What you Need to Know for Loft Conversions in Leytonstone


Converting your loft: it’s not all about the bricks and mortar in London. There is a lot to consider from an administration point of view before, during and after the build itself.

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Loft Conversion Stairs: Where Should they Go?


Loft conversion stairs aren’t just a case of access to your new loft room; they are important in terms of safety, and they can also take up a large amount of floor space within your loft conversion.

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Different Types of Loft Conversions: What will Suit your Needs?


There are many types of loft conversions, giving you plenty of choice if you’re looking to convert your London loft into a habitable space.

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How to Create Loft Conversion Storage Solutions with Style


Storage. It’s not the sexiest of life’s aspects, is it? Any of the best loft conversion companies in Essex will advise that getting your loft conversion storage right is key to ensuring that the overall space is right.

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Loft Conversions in Rental Properties: What you Need to Know


If you are a landlord, you may be interested to know that your rental yield can be increased through the addition of a loft conversion.

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Make the Most of your Attic Space this Summer with a Dormer Loft Conversion


With the summer months ahead, is it time to start thinking about how you can improve your living arrangements and perhaps your attic space?

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Eye-Catching Loft Conversion Design Trends


Gone are the days of minimalism, or so it would seem judging by the amount of bold interior design trends we’ve seen of late in London loft conversion designs.

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How Would you Like a Library in your Loft?


If you’re a bookworm, then you may have spent years dreaming about your very own personal library.

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What Additional Loft Conversion Costs should you Budget for?


When thinking about a loft conversion, it’s important to consider all of the costs involved.

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Loft Conversions: Give your Kids some Space


Growing families… they take up so much room, don’t they? Especially if you currently live in a house that you have outgrown.

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Is a Side Dormer Right for your Loft Conversion?


Dormer windows are a great way of gaining head height and extra space within a loft conversion.

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Loft Conversion 101: What to expect from the Building Inspector visit


As part of the loft conversion process, you’ll need to adhere to Building Regulations. As such, loft conversions London wide are visited by someone from the local authority building inspector team at certain points during the build.

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Looking to sell your home this spring? A loft conversion could help!


Spring is traditionally seen as the time to sell your home, with lots of properties being spruced up and put on the market in Chingford, did you know that a loft conversion can help?

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Are Loft Conversions Possible in New Build Properties?


The appeal for many people buying a new build property in Woodford Green is that all of the work has been done and completed prior to moving in.

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How to Have a Loft Conversion Dressing Area


For many, creating a loft conversion gives a home a beautiful master bedroom suite.

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New Year, New Career? How Loft Conversions can help you Work from Home


With the start of the New Year, many people begin to think about a fresh start and enhanced space...have you considered a loft conversion for more office or studio space?

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Family Life Before and After a Loft Conversion


Family life. It’s hectic at the best of times, which is why a brand new loft conversion build for your home could be hugely beneficial.

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Can you Live in your Home During a Loft Conversion?


As loft conversion specialists, something we’re asked regularly is whether it’s possible to live in your home during the conversion period.

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Is your Loft Conversion Company on Board with Considerate Construction?


When choosing a loft conversions specialist in Essex, it’s important to opt for a company who you can trust with your home and who will deliver the best possible conversion according to your needs.

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How to Create a Scandi Style Loft Conversion


Scandinavian interiors have taken over in years gone by, and it’s easy to see why.

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4 Smart Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Loft Conversion


There’s no shying away from the fact that loft conversions can be costly. Any home improvement project is. However, thinking of the end gain certainly makes all it worthwhile.

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Four Things to Look for in a Good Loft Conversion Company


When deciding upon a loft conversion company to use, it’s important to find one you can entrust your home to.

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How to Avoid a Bad Dormer Loft Conversion


At the mention of a dormer window, many Woodford Green homeowners start to shy away from a loft conversion.

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How to Use your Loft Conversion Staircase Space to your Best Advantage


Staircases in loft conversions can make or break your new attic space.

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Choose a Bathroom Suite for a Loft Conversion


An extra bathroom is always a good addition to a home in London, and we always advise including a cloakroom or ensuite bathroom where possible. However, the key to making a success of your loft conversion bathroom is choosing an appropriate bathroom suite.

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Loft Conversions: Cost Effective Renovation?


There’s a good reason that loft conversions are so popular: not only are an excellent addition to any property, but they are also one of the most cost effective ways that you can extend your home if you live in Chingford!

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Can a Loft Conversion Bring your Family Closer Together?


Small home, large family? You’ll no doubt know the struggles and strains that living on top of one another can bring.

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Considering a 'Wrap-Around' Loft Conversion


So you’ve heard of a wraparound extension: an extension, either single storey or double storey, which wraps its way around the corner of your home.

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Four Steps to Ensuring a Successful Loft Conversion


Considering a loft conversion? If so, you’ve no doubt thought about how big a project it is to take on, and may have worried about all sorts of aspects of the build.

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The Importance of a Loft Conversion Designer


Converting your loft is a big undertaking. It’s important, therefore, to make sure you get the very best from the space available to you.

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How to Keep Cool Under Loft Skylights


Skylights are a fantastic addition to any loft. They let in plenty of natural light, provide stunning sky views and do not alter the original roofline of your home. However, in the summer months, without the correct advice, you may be feeling the heat!

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Au Naturel: Loft Conversions Inspired by Nature


If you’re up on this year’s most popular interior design trends, you’ll know that much of the hottest looks at the moment are inspired by nature. <br/>

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Five Loft Conversion Storage Ideas You Probably Never Thought of


Here at Bespoke Lofts, we’re great believers in clever storage ideas within a loft conversion. We’ll often advise our clients on fitting bespoke wardrobes or shelving as part of the build and using all available space to best advantage.

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THANK YOU! From Nightingale Primary School


The Nightingale Primary School Fete took place on Saturday 7 July 2018. It was a great day for the children, their families, school staff and the local community!

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The Wow Factor of your new Loft Conversion


It used to be the case that creating a loft conversion was simply a functional, practical addition to homeownership.

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Future Proof your Home: Energy Saving and Loft Conversions


When converting your loft, you’ll need to adhere to Building Regulations. As part of this, you’ll need to make sure that your new London loft conversion is suitably energy efficient.

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Three Ways to Use a Garage Loft Conversion (and Really Enjoy the Space!)


A detached garage is a lovely feature for any property. Read our 3 top ways to use a garage loft conversion and really enjoy the space.

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Create a Family Home with a Loft Conversion


If you’re house hunting for a family home, you may well be put off by the lack of sizable living accommodation you’re finding within your budget in London.

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Maximising the use of Glass in your Loft Conversion


No matter what type of loft conversion you opt for, here at Bespoke Lofts we will always advocate letting as much natural light into your newly converted loft space as possible.

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Have you Considered a Mansard Loft Conversion?


Most people convert their lofts with a view to gaining extra space. And a mansard loft conversion is an excellent way of gaining a large amount of extra space in one project.

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How to Add a Touch of Retro to a Loft Conversion


There is a massive trend for all things retro and vintage at the moment.

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An Introductory Guide to Loft Conversion Access


When converting your loft, it’s important to remember that you are effectively adding another floor to your home.

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How to Prepare for a Loft Conversion


If you’re about to embark on the exciting project of having your loft converted, you might be wondering what you need to do to prepare before the work commences.

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Why are more People Converting their Lofts?


Ready to join the ranks of many converting their lofts? There are plenty of reasons why the loft conversion is popular at the moment. Here are just a few!

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4 Common Loft Conversion Mistakes to Avoid


Converting your loft is not something you’ll undertake lightly, which is why it’s important to get the build exactly right. Worried about making a mistake in your loft conversion design? Here are some of the most common ones… and how to avoid them!

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Interior Design: Is Blue the New Grey?


Looking for an alternative to grey or magnolia for your interior décor? Consider a refreshing shade of blue. It’s the new in-colour in interior design!

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How to get the Best Effect from Loft Conversion Mirrors


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest loft conversion of them all? One filled with natural light bounced around by mirrors, that’s who! We show you how to use mirrors to the greatest effect within your loft conversion.

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Tips and Tricks for Installing a Skylight Window


Have you thought about installing a skylight as part of your loft conversion? If so, there are a few aspects that you might like to consider. Here are our tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new skylight.

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Loft Conversions: Where to Start?


Not sure where to begin with a new loft conversion? Lots of questions that need answering before you can consider converting your loft? Here’s a guide to how all loft conversions start their life.

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Make Loft Conversion Bathrooms Eco-Friendly


If being environmentally friendly is important to you, when designing a loft conversion, the bathroom is one room where you can really make a difference. By choosing the right fixtures and fittings, you can help to reduce your impact on the environment.

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How to Convert the Loft of a Period Property


Period properties can make great loft conversion candidates. Yes, there are some extra hoops to jump through occasionally, but not always. Here’s why we love a period property loft conversion.

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Under the Eaves: Tips for Decorating an Eaves Conversion


Eaves conversions are simple, cost-effective and an easy way to convert your loft. If you’re after a little bit of extra space with minimal disruption, why not consider an eaves conversion?

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Start a new Business from the Comfort of your Loft Conversion!


Thinking of starting your own home business? Is the only thing stopping you the thought of having no space to allow you to work from home? Then it’s time to consider a loft conversion!<br/>

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Loft Conversion Interior Design Trends 2018


Increasingly our personality is being incorporated into interior design. So we’ve rounded up some quirky design trends to give you inspiration this New Year! Add something a little bit different to your loft conversion in 2018.<br/>

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Interior Design: The Hottest Colours of 2018


Colour is such a massive part of any renovation project. You want to choose something that suits your style, but it’s nice to feel that you’re also on trend, too.

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How to Create a Festive Loft Conversion Bedroom


Is your loft conversion feeling distinctly less festive than the rest of your home? If so, why not do something about it?!

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The Colour Scheme for your Loft Conversion


It’s exciting to have a brand new room to decorate, but it can also be daunting. If you’re worried about choosing the right colour scheme to suit your needs, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to get it right.

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Feeling the Chill? How to Keep your Loft Conversion Warm this Winter


Worried about converting your loft because of the cold? Need to warm up an existing loft conversion this winter? Here are our top tips to beat the loft conversion chill!

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Bats in your Roof? What does this mean for your Loft Conversion?


It’s rare to have bats roosting in your loft, but if you do and you’re looking to convert your attic space, it can spell problems for the build. Here’s what you need to know should you encounter bats in your loft.

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Avoid 5 Loft Conversion Home Office Mistakes


Decorating your home office? Here are five common mistakes to avoid when choosing your study interior.

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Tips for Designing a Jack and Jill Bathroom


If you’re desperate to include an ensuite bathroom for each bedroom within your new loft conversion but are worried about space, why not think about a Jack and Jill bathroom?

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Loft Conversions: a Timeline


Ever wondered how long a loft conversion should take? How much time you should factor in when thinking about your dream home extension? Here’s a handy timeline to give you a good idea of what you can expect.

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How to Create the Perfect Autumnal Loft Conversion


It’s that time of year again when we start to think about cosying up and creating an autumnal hideaway. Not sure how to get some hygge into your home? Here’s how to cosy up your conversion!

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Three Hot Loft Conversion Bedroom Trends


Feeling hot, hot, hot? Why not turn up the interior design heat in your loft conversion this summer? Here are some of the best trends for bedrooms for summer 2017.

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Roof Design Inspiration for Loft Conversions


It’s not just the inside of your loft conversion which will need designing: it’s worth thinking about your loft conversion’s roof design too.

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Summer Loft Conversion Trends: Totally Tropical


As the heat pumps up, are you ready to turn up the heat on your loft conversion interior design? It’s time to get tropical with these ideas to turn your loft conversion into a summer paradise.

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Keeping your Loft Conversion Cool through Clever Décor Choices


Keeping your loft conversion cool during the summer months isn’t just a matter of good ventilation and blackout shades. Your choice of décor can also have an impact.

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How to Smarten the Front of your Home when Converting your Loft


If you’re going to the trouble of converting your loft, you might want to consider smartening the whole of the exterior of your home. A smart new loft needs a smart new home underneath it, after all!

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Why a Traditional Loft Conversion might be best for your Home


Wow factor is lovely in a loft conversion, but so is practicality. As the saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ and this applies to loft conversions too.

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How to Decorate your Loft Conversion with Wall Stickers


If you want something versatile, changeable and on-trend for your new loft conversion’s interior design, have you considered wall stickers?

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A Loft Conversion with a Capital L-Shape


If you have an L-shaped home, or a double storey extension which creates an L-shape, there’s lots of fun and inspiration to be had when it comes to converting the loft. Embrace the space and create the perfect L-shaped loft conversion to suit your needs.

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Creating the Perfect Shared Children’s Loft Bedroom: Ideas to Inspire


Will your children share your new loft bedroom? If so, here are just a few loft bedroom ideas to help them to share, share alike!

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Taking Loft Room Ideas Back to Nature


Nature-inspired interior design is all the rage at the moment. Why not use this trend within your new loft space to create a beautiful, peaceful, yet striking new loft conversion?

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Loft Conversions: Are you Prepared?


Unsure about a loft conversion? There’s certainly a lot to consider. But the good always outweighs the bad. Here’s a run through of what you to think about before contracting a loft conversion company to go ahead and extend your loft.

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Don’t let Truss Rafters put you off a Loft Conversion


Truss rafters have a bad name when it comes to loft conversions. However, all is not lost: with a specialist conversion, you can still successfully convert your loft into a beautiful new attic room.

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Trick of the Light: Brighter Loft Conversion


The use of light tunnels, skylights and full length windows can help add light to a loft conversion and will also make the most of any dark spaces.

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The Four Keys to Loft Conversion Success


How do you know what to look for when choosing a loft conversion company to deliver a successful new room into your home? Here are four keys to success homeowners should look for when instructing a construction company.<br/>

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Spring Clean your Loft Conversion Interior


If you’re ready to embrace the warmer weather and lighter days, why not freshen up your loft conversion with the latest interior design trends for spring? Here’s how to add a spring into your loft conversion’s step!

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5 Fantasy Loft Conversion Ideas


Who says a loft conversion has to be a functional, practical space? We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas in fantasy loft conversions. Well, we can always dream…!

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Should you Choose Steel or Timber Beams for your Loft Conversion?


Steel or timber beams? Is there a difference? And what should you choose? Here’s a guide to working with your loft conversion company to pick the type that’s right for your home.

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Loft Conversions: Fire Safety Considerations


Any loft conversion will have to comply with building regulations. A big part of meeting building regulations guidelines is correctly fulfilling fire safety procedures.

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How to Embrace Hygge for Cosy Loft Conversions


The Danish concept of Hygge is sweeping the nation as an interior design trend. A little bit of cosiness, a little bit of togetherness; it’s difficult to define but easy to recreate.

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New Year, New Loft Conversion Design Trends


With New Year upon us, it’s time to look towards 2017’s interior design trends. In this vain, we’ve rounded up the best of what will work well in loft conversions.

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Loft Conversions: How Contemporary Will You Go?


What is best for the design of your new loft conversion – classic or contemporary? Let the debate begin!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Loft Conversions


Ever wish you could have a handy guide to tell you exactly what you need to know about loft conversions? All the do’s and don'ts? Well you’re in luck! Read on and consider these steps before starting any work on your loft extension.

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Should you Replace your Roof as part of your Loft Conversion?


Do you need to replace your whole roof if you’re having a loft conversion built? Well, it depends on what suits both your needs and the type of home you own.

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Safety Matters, and other Loft Conversion Considerations


A loft conversion is no small undertaking and requires a lot of forethought. Safety is obviously paramount, and you may need to take into account planning requirements too. Using a trusted loft conversion company can take this weight off of your shoulders.

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How to Get your Loft Conversion Winter Ready


If you’re put off converting your loft because of the cold winter months, don’t be! Those in the know recognise that often it’s the case that a loft conversion is the warmest room within the home.

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Is there a Water Tank Stopping you from Converting your Loft?


Is there a water tank located right in the middle of your loft? Right in the middle of the loft you’d love to convert?

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Five Ways to make a Loft Extension Appear Bigger


If you’re planning a loft conversion, think about how the room will feel once complete. Do you want it to feel light, airy and spacious? If so, here are some interior design tips to create the illusion of space you’re looking for.

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Staircase Safety Considerations for Loft Conversions


Safety is one of the biggest concerns when converting a loft. The staircase, as a main route of escape in the event of a fire, needs to be one of the safest aspects of the build.

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How to Create a Loft Conversion Study


A home office is a handy space to have and if you’re adding a loft conversion to your home, it’s a good time to create a study space.

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Loft Window Jargon Busted


If you’re trying to decide what windows will be best for your loft conversion, you may be blinded by the huge variety of loft windows on the market.

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Building for the Future: Extending Loyola Preparatory School


Building for the Future, Bespoke Lofts appointed as contractors for Loyola School extension

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Four of the Trendiest Loft Conversion Design Ideas


Loft conversion in Walthamstow is the new and trendy way to create extra space in your property.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bungalow Loft Conversions


Bungalow loft conversions are becoming the new popular way of loft conversions.

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Your Five Step Perfect Loft Conversion Plan


Thinking of a loft conversion but not sure of the exact process or where to begin? All you need is our simple five step plan to point you in the right direction.

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Converting your Loft? Why not Remodel your whole Home?


Converting your loft? Why not convert your whole home? You’ll minimise disruption and get the entire house of your dreams at the end of it!

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Cute and Cosy Loft Conversion Bedrooms


Ever fancied your very own cosy cottage, located within your very own loft?! There are certain finishing touches and styling that can create a warm and intimate feel in any loft room.

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Creating the North London Sound with a Loft Conversion Recording Studio


Budding musician? Why not create your very own recording studio with the help of a loft conversion? The blank canvas of a completely new room is ideal for adding all of the sound proofing and equipment that you may need.

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Can a Dormer Window ever be Attractive?


Dormer windows, they’re not the most attractive aspects of a loft conversion, it’s true! But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Be brave and bold and choose a dormer which is different but also wonderfully attractive.

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Loft Conversions: They’re All About the Creature Comforts!


Master bedroom, teen hangout, home office: no matter what your loft room is to be used for, we all deserve a little bit of added comfort. Reduce that stress and create an enviable retreat with just a few simple tricks to add those creature comforts.

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Five Reasons to Include a Loft Conversion in a New Build


New builds are excellent for creating the exact home that you require. If you’re lucky enough to be commissioning a new build home, have you thought about adding a loft conversion?

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Holiday Cottage: Benefits of Loft Conversion


Do you own or are thinking of creating a holiday cottage? If so, have you thought about adding additional accommodation with a loft conversion? You might be able to increase your rental income by adding extra space under the eaves of your holiday home!

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Natural Light: Bungalow Loft Conversions


Natural light is an important consideration for any build. Converting a bungalow’s loft is no exception to this, but you may wish to think outside the box when adding windows and light to your bungalow’s converted attic.

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Four Loft Conversion Obstacles and how to Overcome them


Think you’re lacking in head room to convert your loft? Or perhaps a hot water tank in the way? Perhaps it’s party wall agreements that are bothering you? No matter what the hurdle is, when it comes to loft conversions, there’s often a way around it.

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Create a Glamorous Loft Conversion Bedroom


Do you have a beautiful new loft conversion bedroom but a small budget with which to furnish it? Fear not, as a stylish interior can be created with limited money.

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How to Choose Wallpaper for your Loft Conversion


If you fancy finishing your new loft room with a wallpaper, don’t be put off or overwhelmed by the number of patterns and finishes available on the market. Follow a few simple steps to complete your room with wallpaper in style.

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Loft Conversions: It’s not just what’s on the Inside that Counts…


It’s so easy to imagine what the inside of your new loft conversion will look like. But have you thought about how you want the outside to look, too? There are a few options to consider to really finish off your loft conversion from the outside.

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Eye-Catching Loft Conversion Home Offices


Looking to make your business more profitable, or perhaps even make your home itself more profitable? The key could be a well-designed, efficient loft conversion home office. Here’s how to make yours earn its keep!

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Coming of Age: The Retirement Room in the Loft


If you’re approaching your retirement, have you ever thought about having your very own space to do whatever you fancy with?

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Maximising your Bungalow Loft Conversion


Bungalows, whilst sought after, are traditionally quite small and can have an awkward layout. But by converting the loft, you’ll gain almost half of the space of your home again!

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Loft Conversion Design Trends for 2016


With the New Year comes new interior design trends. If you’re planning a loft conversion, you may not know how you want it to look, or how to keep it contemporary.

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Converting a Loft Conversion in the Winter


Many people wrongly assume that you can’t carry out building work during the winter months. It’s an easy mistake to make; after all, the construction work will be open to the elements, won’t it?

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New Trend: The Lounge Loft Conversion


When you think about it, an additional lounge is often very useful, and by converting a loft, you’re gaining extra space the size of the whole footprint of your house.

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Is my Attic too Small to Work as a Loft Conversion?


You may look around your loft, as you store yet more clutter up there, and wonder how on earth you’d ever find the room should you wish to convert it. But even the smallest of lofts can work well as a conversion. Here’s how.

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Getting Ready for the Boomerang Generation


In this day and age it’s not uncommon for grown up children to suddenly land back on your doorstep requiring board and lodging.

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Didn't Think you could add a Loft Conversion to a Flat Roof? Think Again!


There are many great houses throughout North London which often aren’t given the credit they perhaps deserve purely because they are topped with a flat roof.

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How to Create the Perfect Extension for your Local Area


When thinking about adding a house extension to your home, it’s easy to know what aspects to add to suit your own needs.

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When Rejigging is all that’s Needed …


If you've recently watched the Phil and Kirstie Channel 4 programme, Love It or List It, you’ll probably be aware that sometimes your existing house could work well for you and your growing family, but you can’t always see it.

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Tartan Times in Interior Design


As the weather starts to embrace autumn, there’s an interior design trend that we should all be embracing too: tartan.

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Moving Home too Stressful? Convert your Loft


Converting your loft space can be daunting, and yes there is some upheaval required, but not nearly as much as you’d experience by moving!

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How to Create Character and Charm in Your new Loft Conversion


Read our guide on how to create character and charm in your loft conversion. Natural beams in particular are a gorgeous feature to be featured.

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Legal Considerations for Landlords Converting Lofts


Loft conversions in London are often a part of an investment project for landlords.

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Bring the Outside into your House Extension


Most house extensions, whether a large kitchen-diner at the back of the home or making good use of a side return, open up onto the garden.

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Do you Need to Tap into a new Boiler for your Loft Conversion?


As with any renovation work whereby a new room is being added to a property, it’s important to think about the impact that extra radiators will have on your central heating system.

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Man Cave: Loft Conversion for the Modern Man


Ah, the man cave. It’s a phrase you've probably heard a lot recently. It’s the holy grail of men’s hideouts; somewhere to escape the kids, the wife, work, life! <br/>

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How to use Pinterest to Design your Loft Conversion


If you haven’t ever used Pinterest, you've almost certainly heard of it. A virtual scrapbook, pin board, or, as Pinterest themselves call it, a ‘visual discovery tool’, it’s a great place to gather ideas and inspiration on all sorts of topics.

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How to put the Finishing Touches to your Loft Conversion Guest Room


If you've ever stayed at a friend or relative’s home as a house guest, you’ll know that no matter how welcoming your host is, there are often times when you just don’t feel like you can be yourself.<br/>

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Chimney Breast is Best! Making the Most of your Nooks and Crannies


There has been a recent trend in interior design of opening up fireplaces and making a feature of chimney breasts.

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Space: the Final Frontier with Loft Conversions!


Of all the house renovations you can undertake, a loft conversion is one of the most straightforward ways of gaining a large chunk of extra habitable space within your home.

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To Share or Not to Share, that is the Question!


Many older London homes are not designed with modern-day family living in mind. Often siblings find themselves having to share a bedroom, which isn't always ideal, particularly if it’s a brother and sister sharing.

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The Floral Factor: Blooming Trends for your Loft Conversion


We love a bit of the floral factor here at Bespoke Lofts, particularly as it can make a blank canvas a warm, inviting space. If you’re looking for a contemporary but cosy look for your new loft conversion, look no further than floral touches.

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How to keep your Loft Conversion Cool


Let’s face it, us British are obsessed by the weather. Whether we’re in the grips of a heatwave, or it’s our annual big freeze, it’s often all we ever talk about.

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Loft Conversion Worries? What Loft Conversion Worries?!


Many of our potential clients can be apprehensive about starting a loft conversion project. And that’s why it’s our job at Bespoke Lofts to put our customers’ minds at rest.

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Injecting Personality into a Loft Conversion Bedroom


Read our top tips on how to inject some personality into your loft conversion bedroom to bring some feng shui to your space

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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Extension


A kitchen extension is among once of the most popular extensions for UK households. However, even with a blank canvas, it’s so important to get the layout right.<br/>

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Baby Safe Loft Conversions


If you've got a little one, you’ll know how important it is to make your home baby safe. Therefore, if you’re considering a loft conversion, you need to make sure that this room will be just as safe for your baby as any other room in your home.

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How to Create Eco Friendly Loft Conversions


Did you know that, if loft conversion is properly, you can also reduce the carbon footprint of your home by adding a loft room?<br/>

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Industrial Look in your Loft Conversion


There’s something just a little bit right about rough and ready: the industrial look is in when it comes to interior design!

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Loft Conversions: the Saviour of Growing Families


Family homes: they’re never quite big enough, are they? For those of us living in space-strapped London, loft conversions are the way forward for families on the up.

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Lowering Ceilings for Loft Conversions


If you are considering a loft conversion but are aware that your house doesn’t have a loft which offers much head height, you may have thought about lowering the ceilings of the rooms below, as this will increase the head height in the loft.

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How will Your House Extension Pay its Way?


It’s true that house extensions need money spent on them, but have you ever thought about the old adage of ‘spending to accumulate’ when it comes to extending your home?

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Three Reasons to Create a Mezzanine Loft Conversion


There is a design statement sweeping the world of loft conversions at the moment, and that statement is the mezzanine. Not just suitable for the bang-on-trend, contemporary home, a mezzanine can look equally as good in a traditional home.

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Staircase Design for your Loft Conversion


Loft conversions Essex-wide are benefiting from the beauty that an exceptional staircase can bring to the project, so why opt for something boring when you could opt for something beautiful?

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Convert Loft Space in your Top Floor Flat


If you live in one of the capital’s top floor flats, you’ll be correct in thinking that it’s a prime candidate for conversion.

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Three Ways to Add Value to your Home this Year


With British home-owners set to spend record amounts on home improvements this year. <br/>Here is our pick of the top three New Year’s home improvement projects. <br/>

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How to make the Most of Spectacular Views with a Loft Conversion


Don’t just assume that a loft conversion has to have skylights looking upwards rather than outwards and nothing else. For loft conversions Essex wide, here are some innovative ways to optimise any beautiful landscapes that surround you

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