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Loft Conversion Ideas for the Smaller Loft Space

Whether you can only have a small loft conversion because of size constraints, or are trying to keep costs low with a simple and smallish conversion, there are plenty of useful ways to use the space. Take some inspiration from loft conversion before and after photographs to see the transformation that a small loft space can give you; there are plenty of ideas for the smaller loft space!

Home Office

If you work from home, you’ll know and appreciate the importance of separating your work life from your home life. If a lack of office space is stopping you from doing so, then converting your loft – even the smallest of lofts – could be the answer you are looking for.

A small loft lends itself well to a home office, as you will not need the sizeable amount of space that a master suite or two or more bedrooms requires. If you have an admin- based role or a desk job, then all you’ll require is a room big enough to house your desk, some shelving for files and books and perhaps a sofa for use as a breakout area.

Remember that converting your small loft can also free up space elsewhere; if you’re currently using a bedroom as an office, for example, take a look at loft conversion before and after photos to see how you can use your loft as an office and revert your bedroom space back to its original use. It’s amazing how much productivity you’ll achieve after you’ve converted your loft space in comparison to muddling through before!

Additional Bedrooms

Of course, smaller loft spaces can still be turned into bedrooms if desired. A small loft conversion can create an additional bedroom which you can use as a guest bedroom or a child’s bedroom.

Small and narrow spaces are excellent for occasional additional guests. They can also make for cosy and comfy rooms for children or teenagers who want their own slice of independence away from the main house. Remember to include plenty of skylights to fill the space with natural light, and use the nooks and crannies of the loft space to create feature walls and bespoke storage space. The difference an extra bedroom can make to a home is incredible, and it’s worth doing your research into real life loft conversion before and after projects to see what you can achieve.

Loft Conversion Den

If the aim of converting your loft conversion is to create some extra space within your home as a whole, then a second living room – or a cosy den – could be all you need. Creating a second reception room in the loft is perfect as an additional TV room, a reading room or even a playroom.

It will open up your home to the possibility of extra living space, and this will free up space downstairs. You could even zone your home into a grown up space downstairs and a children’s space upstairs!

A Loft Space is Never too Small!

Whatever you do, don’t dismiss your loft as too small for conversion. We can show you plenty of examples of loft conversion before and after case studies to demonstrate what can be done with a small loft.

Get in touch with Bespoke Lofts today to see how we can make the most of your smaller loft space.

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