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Do you Need to Tap into a new Boiler for your Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions East London wide are no exception to this, and you may want or need to think about installing a brand new boiler in your East London home.   It’s important that you speak to your loft conversion specialist if this is the case for you, as boilers and any gas work need to be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. However, you can do your research beforehand. Here is our guide to loft conversion boilers and central heating systems:

Loft Water Tanks

Many homes have a water tank from their existing heating system within their loft. If this is the case for you, qualified plumbers can often relocate the tank to a less obvious part of the room and conceal it. If the heating system is gravity fed, you may also need the tank to be moved to one metre above the height of your highest radiators, too.

Alternatively, you might want to view this as an opportunity to upgrade your central heating system to that which uses a combination boiler, whereby a tank is no longer required as they are plumbed into the mains water supply that comes into your house. 

A combi boiler will also give you hot water on tap, so there’s no more waiting around for the system to heat up!

Adding Radiators and Bathrooms

Adding radiators to your new room using your existing central heating system should be a relatively straightforward procedure for a qualified plumber. However, you do need to question whether your existing boiler is powerful enough for the job of sufficiently heating additional radiators.

Ask your Gas Safe engineer whether your existing boiler is powerful enough to supply your new radiators; it may be that you need to upgrade your boiler to a more powerful option. 

Indeed, you may run into a similar situation if you are adding a bathroom, as your existing boiler might not be powerful enough to supply a decent amount of water pressure to a new bathroom. And there’s no point in having a shiny new bathroom if the water pressure is miserable!

Underfloor Heating

As a modern alternative, have you considered installing electric underfloor heating? If you’re finishing your room with hard floors, underfloor heating is an excellent choice, as it will give an all-round, ambient heat to your new room.

Electric underfloor heating can also run independently of your existing boiler, so there is no need to put extra pressure on your heating system or alter pipework. It’s also a great choice for bathrooms; just imagine stepping out of the shower on a cold winter’s day onto toasty warm floor tiles!

Safety First

Whichever option works best for you, safety is our most important concern here at Bespoke Lofts, which is why we only use Gas Safe plumbers and qualified electricians. All work will be certificated to the required standard, and you can be sure that whether you need a new boiler or not, your loft room will be safe in our hands.

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