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How to Create Eco Friendly Loft Conversions

If your impact on the environment is something that you’re conscious of as you renovate your home, here are some of our top tips for loft conversions London-wide that will help you win eco-friendly brownie points:

Energy Efficiency

In any home, a large proportion of energy escapes through the loft. If you haven’t already installed insulation in your loft, before it even becomes a habitable room, then you are probably losing valuable heat – not to mention money – through the roof.   

Creating a loft conversion is an excellent way of improving energy efficiency in your home through the installation of sufficient insulation using the likes of high performance insulating board.

Sustainable Timber

If the materials that your builders use are important to you, ask them about the possibilities of sustainable timber. Check that the timber being used is either FSC or PEFC certified, as this means that it is being supplied by sustainably managed forests where trees are continuously replanted to replace the supply.

Solar Energy

If you’ve contemplated solar energy in the past but haven’t been sure about the installation process, why not consider it when converting your loft? As part of the build, your loft conversion contractors can install solar panels to provide hot water and electricity for your loft room, or your house as a whole.   

If you’re worried about the impact that the British climate will have on your solar energy supply, fear not, as there are systems specially designed to work with our temperamental island climate.     

Most houses have one roof surface that faces the ideal direction to capture as much light as possible, and in some cases the systems can be installed flat to your roof, to make the panels hidden from view.

Don’t Forget the Birds and the Bats!

If you find nesting birds or bats in your loft when you’re starting your build, you may need to modify your plans to accommodate them. In fact, a council can refuse planning permission on the basis of nesting bats, so it’s important to speak to an expert. A good loft conversion company will be able to advice on the best course of action.

Whatever your environmental concerns, there are always ways to create an eco-friendly build. Speak to Bespoke Lofts for our best advice on how to create the perfect loft conversion with minimum impact on the environment.

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