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5 Fantasy Loft Conversion Ideas

If you had a completely blank canvas for your dream home, what would you do with it? Well, in some ways, a loft conversion is just that: a completely blank canvas, for one or two new rooms, at least. And whilst most of us will use it as a guest bedroom, second bathroom or home office, there’s no reason why we can’t dream a little.

Here are our favourite fantasy loft conversions Walthamstow homeowners can draw great inspiration from. Some are more realistic and practical than others, but there’s no harm in dreaming!

The Retreat

A master bedroom is often the aim of many a homeowner who decides to convert their loft, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be ordinary. Think of this space as your retreat from the world, your little piece of calm in the midst of an otherwise hectic world, and put the design in place to make it yours.

Think of this retreat like a luxury spa break in your home, every single night. Deck your new bedroom out in cool, muted colours such as whites and greys to give that luxurious feel, and make sure you have a beautiful bathroom with a large walk in shower or roll top bath, and remember to stock up on those fluffy bathrobes, too!

The Kid’s Paradise

Who needs soft play when you’ve got a beautifully equipped children’s suite at the top at your home? If you’ve got the space for two rooms, why not create one amazing children’s bedroom with an area for study, and next door a children’s playroom which can later become a teenage hangout?

Remember to include enough plug sockets and outlets so that as the children get older they can use the space for computers and tablets to aid study. When your children are younger, these same sockets can be used for disco balls, lava lamps, bubble machines and music devices for that sensory aspect that little ones love so much!

The Studio

If you’re a creative spark, you won’t need a home office, you’ll need a studio. This isn’t just a nook tucked into part of a large room: this is the whole floor area of your loft conversion, turned over to your work.

Need a suite of computers for your design work? No problem in such a large room. Require a large scale craft table to work away at your home business? You’ll have plenty of room in your new loft. And if you need natural light for what you do you can include plenty of skylights or even floor to ceiling windows for that luxurious look both inside and out.

The Indoor Pool

OK, so this one really is fantasy territory, but it’s true that some people have done exactly that with their loft conversion! An indoor pool probably isn’t that practical for most people, but it just goes to show that no matter what you need in your new home, a loft conversion is an excellent way of creating the space to achieve it.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, there are plenty of ideas that work with loft conversions. Contact Bespoke Lofts for expert guidance and we’ll help you to add that touch of luxury to your new loft conversion.

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