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Staircase Design for your Loft Conversion

1)   Traditional Staircases  

Before we launch into the beauty of contemporary staircase design, we should point out that there’s nothing wrong with a traditional staircase. This is particularly true if your loft extension staircase is a continuation of your home’s original staircase from the floor below. Consistency and flow are key to elegance.   

2)   Spiral Staircases

It is actually a myth that spiral staircases are space saving, as often their diameter takes up as much space as a traditional staircase. But that’s not to say that a spiral staircase won’t look great. If you’re after the Manhattan loft apartment style for your conversion, a spiral staircase could be a great choice.   One thing to consider with a spiral staircase is the use of the room. They can be harder to ascend and descend, so if your new room is a nursery whereby you’ll need to be up and down the stairs throughout the night to attend to the baby, a spiral staircase might not be the best idea!   

3)   Alternating Treads  

Alternating tread staircases can be used, where building regulations permit, to save space. If done properly with a timber tread rather than the cheaper looking plastic treads that are available and look more like a ladder, they can add a contemporary feel.   Just as with spiral staircases, however, they are harder to ascend and descend, so think carefully before installing.   

4)   Glass-Sided Staircases

Glass-sided staircases give a contemporary feel to any home, and can also let more light into a room. Speak to a specialist loft conversion company about the possibilities of installing a reinforced glass panel plus balustrade to open up the space in your loft.   

5)   Curved Staircases

If you don’t want to go down the route of the spiral staircase, but do want the softer look that a rounded finish can give, a curved staircase is in between the two. Why not combine with the glass sided look mentioned above and floating steps to give a contemporary, airy feel to the space?   However you gain access to your loft, speak to Bespoke Lofts about your options. Staircases needn’t be boring: your loft conversion deserves its very own stairway to heaven!
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