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3 Space Saving Loft Conversion Staircase Solutions

Loft conversion staircases are an often-overlooked part of the attic conversion process. As long as you can get from A to B, or from the first floor to the second floor as the case may be, then you don’t need to give them a second thought, right? Wrong. Loft conversion staircase solutions are a vital aspect that absolutely need to be given due consideration.

This is especially important if space is tight. You’ll need to ensure that your staircase doesn’t take over, but equally, you shouldn’t think of it as just a means to an end. If you do have little room to manoeuvre when it comes to your attic room's stairs, don’t despair; there is always a space saving loft conversion staircase solution!

1. Go Bespoke

If you only have a small amount of space to play with, then a bespoke staircase may be a good option for you. Many loft conversions can use pre-made staircases, but where there isn’t enough room for this, tailored options can work well.

Bespoke staircases can be customised to the exact pitch, height, depth and number of treads as required. They are a more expensive option than a pre-made staircase as they’ll need to be created from scratch by a skilled joiner and / or specialist manufacturer.

The upside of a bespoke staircase, however, is that not only will they fit the space available perfectly, but they can give you a stunning focal point within an otherwise dead space as they can be customised to your exact requirements and taste.

2. Go Paddling

In some instances where space is really tight, paddle stairs can be used. Paddle stairs, or alternate treads as they’re sometimes called, are an option to consider if you only have a limited area to work with. Part of the tread is cut away on alternate left and right sides of the staircase to create a greater incline, saving space in the process.

To comply with Building Regulations, paddle steps can only be used to serve a single room (with or without an ensuite) to help limit the amount of traffic on the narrow staircase. Furthermore, they cannot be the only staircase in your home. They are an excellent option though where space is limited.

3. Go Spiralling

Spiral staircases are another option to consider. Not only can they save space within your home, they also look stylish and can sometimes be a more cost effective option than a traditional staircase. You will however need to talk to your loft conversion specialist about the idea of a spiral staircase, as not all are space saving; some make a larger footprint than traditional staircases.

Loft conversion staircase solutions from Bespoke Lofts

If you’re ready to convert your loft but are put off by the thought of where to site your stairs, or how much space they’ll take up, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We have the expertise to devise tailored loft conversion staircase solutions to suit your property perectly, so talk to us about the various options available to you.

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