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Cute and Cosy Loft Conversion Bedrooms

There’s something about sleeping under the eaves which lends itself to a room being cosy. Perhaps it’s because it’s reminiscent of staying in a holiday cottage, or perhaps it’s because you’re in a smallish space, but either way, there’s a distinctly cosy feel about certain loft conversion bedrooms.   

If you like that cute-and-cosy-chic feel, then it’s easy to bring it out within your loft conversion. New Southgate wide and throughout London, this is certainly becoming one of the more popular interior trends, so if you are keen to follow fashion, read on for tips on how to add touches of cottage charm to your loft conversion.

Use what you’ve been Given   

If you’re lucky enough to have roof beams which can remain in situ, leave them be and use them to your advantage. Just think, they can be used to perch trinkets on, or perhaps they could even have tiny spotlights embedded within them for ambience!   

If your exposed beams are light or even white in colour, even better. Anything darker, and it will encroach on the space, so ideally beams should be light to add character without enclosing the space.

Similarly, if there is an area of wall that lends itself to exposed brickwork, then leave it exposed. This will give the slightly rustic feel that you’re looking for.

Fill Every Nook and Cranny   

Use every nook and cranny available to you to showcase certain aspects of your cosy room. For example, if you have a small space where two chimney breasts combine, use the alcove area created to house a distressed chest or dresser, or if the space is a lot smaller than that required for furniture, a vase of pretty flowers or decorative candles.   

If you only have room for a tiny dormer window, use this space to create a relaxing window seat or reading nook. No part of your loft room is too small to be utilised to its full potential!

Place your Bed Wisely   

There really is something special about sleeping under the eaves, so if you’ve got a safe head height to do so, place your bed under an eave, as this will give a feeling of being on holiday, or holed up in a country cottage.   

This particularly suits a children’s room, often helping them to feel safe and cosy, but it’s always best to make sure that there is a safe head height for your child to get in and out of bed without injury.

Create some Cosy Finishing Touches   

And this is the fun part! No cosy loft room is complete without the likes of a floral bedspread and matching throw, light bright soft furnishings and a plush rug. You may also wish to add the likes of fairy lights and bunting, items which wouldn’t look out of place in a beach hut, but which are the finishing touches which give this type of room a homely feel.   

If you’d like a cosy conversion of your own, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We’ll make the most of any space, but equally we’ll happily advise how to cosy up any of our loft conversions.

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