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How to make the Most of Spectacular Views with a Loft Conversion

Floor to Ceiling Windows

An obvious way to maximise your home’s views is through floor to ceiling windows in your loft conversion. These can either be used in the gable end of your roof or on an expanse of straight wall.   If you’re looking to create a very modern feel within your loft conversion, floor to ceiling windows are ideal, as they give a loft apartment feel to an attic room, particularly if you add square leading to the glass and industrial style decor in the room itself. Just think, your own little slice of Manhattan style living in Essex!   

Low Level Skylights

If you’ve got quite a steep pitch and high ceilings in your new loft conversion, rather than opting for traditional skylights which are normally higher than eye level, you could choose a bank of lower level skylights or pitched windows.   Group more than one pane of glass together in a bank to optimise the effect and make sure they’re within your sightline. This way, every time you glance up, you’ll be able to take in the views that surround you.   


Balconies are an absolute dream for many homeowners who are lucky enough to have great views on their doorstep. Why not take the opportunity when creating a loft conversion to add a balcony too?   Loft conversion balconies can come in two formats:   

1)    Juliette Balconies: These are basically floor to ceiling windows with a safety rail across. Whilst you wouldn’t be able to sit on a Juliette balcony, you could enjoy the fresh air of having the window wide open, with the safety of the rail and the feel of opening the room right up to the views beyond. 

2)    Roof terraces: If you have a flat roof space below your loft conversion, speak to your architect about the possibilities of turning this into a balcony. Just imagine sitting in the tranquillity of your roof terrace, enjoying breakfast, perusing the Sunday papers and taking in the rolling Essex countryside or the beautiful ruggedness of the coast. Bliss!   

However you want to make the most of your views, make sure you don’t waste the opportunity. When it comes to designing your loft conversion, speak to your specialist contractor about how to optimise what nature has gifted you.

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