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4 Ways to Make Great Use of Loft Conversions

If you’re committing to converting your loft, you’ll want to make sure you make the best possible use out of the space. Getting it wrong won’t only be frustrating, but also costly if you decide to remedy your choices at a later date. With this in mind, and as a trusted loft conversion specialist, here’s our top advice for making great use of a loft conversion.


1. Use a loft conversion specialist


First things first, the best way to make great use of your loft conversion is to hire a loft conversion specialist from the off. An experienced company who specialises in loft conversions will have converted hundreds, if not thousands, of lofts over the years.


They’ll know on first glance what will work for your loft and how the space can excel. A loft conversion specialist will work with you to incorporate your ideas and needs, but in a way that will get the most out of the space.


What’s more by using an expert in loft conversions, you can rest assured you’ll be guided through the whole process – from planning permission through to final fit out – and you will also be privy to the best possible prices on fixtures and fittings due to the longstanding relationships they have with their suppliers.


2. Work with the proportions your loft provides


It’s always best to work with the proportions your loft already provides, rather than trying to cram something into the space which goes against the size or space available..


If you have an idea but are not sure whether your loft can accommodate your grand plans, your attic conversion expert will be able to advise. However, as a general rule, try to use the nooks and crannies to your advantage, for example by having custom storage made to fit in and around your loft’s eaves and alcoves.


3. Balance your home


One of the best ways to make great use of your loft conversion is to balance the rest of your home. By this we mean taking a look at the existing downstairs and first floor of your property and working out what you need from your attic extension.


Are you a growing family lacking bedroom and bathroom space? If so, why not create a master suite in your loft to give you a grown-up zone and the kids some space downstairs?


Perhaps you are struggling to work at home from your dining room table? If this is the case, your loft conversion may best serve you as a home office. Don’t forget that if you have good views from your existing upper floor, you may wish to consider moving some of the day-to-day living spaces, such as a living room, upstairs, and swapping things around.


4. Incorporate a bathroom


We cannot stress this enough: kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, and no one wants to be traipsing down several flights of stairs to visit the bathroom. Which is why a loft extension expert will usually suggest you include a bathroom in your loft conversion if possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘full’ bathroom with a bathtub; a small ensuite, shower room or even a cloakroom will suffice if that’s all the space allows.


Bespoke Lofts: Your local loft conversion specialist


The key to making the most of your loft conversion is not over-engineering, but instead using the space naturally. Engaging an experienced loft conversion specialist is the best way to make sure you do get the most from what the space allows. For the advice you need on making the best use of your loft conversion, talk to Bespoke Lofts today.

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