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Five Loft Conversion Storage Ideas You Probably Never Thought of

But have you thought outside of the storage box? Here are five genius storage ideas which all London loft extensions can benefit from:

1. Bench Storage

If you’re adding seating to your loft conversion, at the end of a bed or as a window seat, for example, why not make it work twice as hard and double up as storage at the same time? Either choose a bench with a hinged lid to reveal storage inside, or go for an open bench which is divided into compartments with storage baskets accessed from the front. Bench storage is practical, stylish and a great way of hiding the likes of towels and bed linen.

2. Stair Storage

Who doesn’t love their cupboard under the stairs for storing all of those awkward things? Well, depending on where your loft conversion stairs are sited, you may gain another cupboard under the stairs

This can be used in the traditional fashion, with just a door on the front to block its contents from view. Or, why not have your under-stair space fitted with sliding kitchen larder units? These slide out on runners to allow you to use the space inside as shelf storage.

3. In Stair Storage

If you haven’t got the space for under stair storage, why not be clever and use the steps themselves as storage?! It might sound crazy, but you can have the first one or two steps of your staircase built as drawers which slide out when the stairs are not in use. Great for storing shoes and bags in!

4. Partitioned Storage

If you really want to create a clever storage area, why not add a partition wall at one end of your loft conversion and create a bespoke dressing room or home office storage area? Behind the partition, fit the space out with hanging racks and shelving as needed, and hide all of your bits and pieces from view!

5. Under Storage

Of course, you could have your under-eaves space filled with bespoke cabinets, and this would easily solve many a storage problem. But if you want to do something a little different, why not compartmentalise this space and then fill it with different sized storage baskets as required? This doesn’t close in the space as much as having built-in furniture, but will still give you plenty of storage space.

Whatever storage issues you’re facing with a loft conversion, there is almost always a clever way around it. If you’re putting off having a loft conversion because you’re worried about the lack of storage, as a result, contact Bespoke Lofts. We have plenty of experience of finding a space for everything!

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