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5 Reasons to Use a Recommended Loft Conversion Specialist

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When thinking about converting a property’s loft space, many people are lured into using someone who isn’t a loft conversion specialist to convert their attic. The promise of a cheaper build may be a big temptation, but actually, by using a general builder, someone who isn’t a specialist in loft conversions or, perish the thought, even attempting to undertake the build yourself, can well and truly be a false economy.



Ready to create a loft extension for your home? Here are five reasons why you really should use a specialist loft conversion company.



1. You WILL get the expertise of a loft build specialist



The most important reason to use a specialist loft contractor rather than a general builder or home improvements company, is that a loft conversion is a specialist type of redevelopment work. Although a builder will have the general skills to create a loft conversion, they won’t have an understanding of all the specialist nuances that a loft build contractor can undertake for you.


Creating a new room or two within your loft space requires a variety of different trade skills, many of which are highly specialised and only possessed by someone who is experienced within the loft build profession.



2. You WON’T have to worry about the design ideas



One of the best reasons for using a loft conversion specialist is that they can quote you for the entire attic conversion from start to finish. Whatever you need, from the initial plans through to the interior design, a specialist in attic conversions can take care of it all.



3. You WILL get the best use of your extra space



By using a loft conversion specialist for your attic build, you can ensure that every last nook and cranny of your roof space will be used to its best advantage. 


It’s what loft specialists do, day in, day out. They are used to looking at the awkward spaces that often present themselves within an attic, seeing them differently to a general builder.


Where a general builder may see an awkward alcove, a specialist loft contractor will see the perfect space for built-in storage seating. Where a builder might see a difficult-to-use nook under the skylights, a loft conversion specialist will see practical eaves cupboards. In other words, a loft specialist will know precisely how to make the most of your roof space.



4. You WON’T have to worry about the quality of the work



Although a general contractor or builder will often deliver a high standard of work, the problem with using someone who isn’t a specialist, is that a loft conversion needs a variety of trades to be undertaken. 


Whilst a general builder will undoubtedly be able to subcontract other traders to cover the likes of plumbing, electrics and plastering, it does mean you run the risk of there being inconsistencies in the standards of work.


When using a loft build specialist however, they will have all the trades under their own control, ready to carry out every aspect of your loft extension for the ultimate smooth-running project.



5. You WILL get the best possible loft space by using a loft build specialist, such as Bespoke Lofts!



Of course, this is the crux of the matter: by using a loft conversion specialist, you will really make the most of your attic space. 


From using the space wisely, to ensuring the design and final fit-out is perfect, through to ensuring that safety standards are met and even making sure you’re not hit with bigger bills than expected, using a specialist loft build contractor such as Bespoke Lofts is the best way to ensure your new attic room is spot-on. Get in touch today to see how we can help you achieve your loft space dreams as specialists in loft conversions.

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