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What Influences the Cost of Converting North London Lofts?

North London Loft Conversion

When it comes to North London lofts and their respective conversions into habitable rooms, there are many factors that can influence the cost of the conversion. If you’re thinking of a loft extension and wondering about its cost, then you may need to consider various factors such as the size of the loft you’re looking to convert, and the type of conversion and the roof quality, amongst other things.

Here are just a few factors that can affect the cost of converting North London lofts.

Size of loft conversion

One of the obvious factors for influencing your loft extension is the size of the attic space to be converted. As a general rule, a narrow or small loft, perhaps in a terraced house or similar, will be a lot cheaper to convert than a large loft, such as in a bungalow conversion, where the whole footprint of the house is mirrored in the size of the loft conversion.

Obviously, a large loft build will require more materials, more structural support and more contractors on site, all of which will influence the price of the project.

Type of conversion

In addition to the size of the conversion, the type of conversion will affect the cost of the build. Many North London lofts will comprise a dormer conversion, and this will be more expensive than a simple skylight conversion. The additional structural work and materials required to create the dormer window will affect the overall price.

Similarly, a hip-to-gable conversion, where a hipped roof with a sloping side is changed into a vertical wall that meets the roof, will cost more. But in turn, this will create more internal roof space. A mansard conversion is the most expensive type of loft conversion as it changes the shape of the roof.

Furthermore, anything that considerably alters the shape of your roof may also require planning permission, which will increase the overall cost of the project. It’s worth speaking to your loft conversion specialist so that you know how much you can expect to pay for your new loft room.

The prior state of your loft

The prior state of your loft before work commences on your roof build will also influence the cost.

For example, some North London lofts house a water tank which will need removing and changing into a combi boiler hot water system. It may also be that the quality of the roof itself isn’t up to scratch, which will mean you’ll need additional work carried out to ensure it is safe and watertight.

Your location

Your location will also influence the cost of your loft conversion. Different types of homes and the various types of North London lofts will alter the price of your extension, and no two loft conversions will cost the same.

Furthermore, in a popular area such as North London, any type of construction work could be subject to premium rates due to there being a higher demand for builders, as many people look to set up home in the area and make their homes more desirable.

Internal specifications

Outside loft conversion

Your internal specifications will also influence the cost of your attic conversion. Some loft conversions are completed with only the very basic aspects in place, ready for you to decorate yourself. This will obviously cost less money in the initial outlay to your loft conversion specialists.

However, remember to look out for ‘hidden’ costs which are often not thought about when decorating the new loft room yourself. Remember that North London lofts specialists often have access to trade rates for fixtures and fittings such as tiles and bathroom appliances, which you may not enjoy if you tackle this aspect yourself.

Alternatively, you may wish to have everything completed by your loft conversion specialist, including the decorating. Depending on what you choose in terms of your internal specifications, this will alter the cost. It stands to reason that if you go for high end fixtures and fittings, it will cost more than those at the budget end of the scale.

Also, if you require work such as extra stud walls to create different rooms, additional plumbing for multiple bathrooms or radiators and more electric points than usual, these aspects will all affect the price of your loft conversion.

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