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Considerations about a Loft Conversion Before and After the Build

.Bright and Open Loft Conversion

Deciding to convert your loft is a big step. It will change the look and feel of your home, and it’s also a huge commitment financially, so it’s important you make sure that your new loft room works for you. Although it can be overwhelming to think about all of the ins and outs of a loft conversion before and after the build, there’s a definite benefit to taking the time to plan your loft project and work out how you will use your space.

What do I need to consider first when planning my loft conversion?

The first thing to think about when planning your loft conversion is whether your loft can actually be converted. You will need to check whether you have enough head height, whether a water tank is blocking the space and will also need to consider planning permission. You should think about how the loft conversion will affect the floor below and the rest of your house after the build is complete. For example, will the stairs take away from space in one of the rooms downstairs?

Other factors to think about are what type of conversion will you opt for? A dormer loft conversion or a hip to gable loft conversion, for example? This may be dictated by the type of loft you have, the style of house and whether you will require planning permission.

Possibly the very first thing to consider is who your loft conversion company will be: speak to two or three loft build experts and ask for quotes. Remember to ask what’s included in the cost, whether they consider there to be any limiting factors to your build and how long it’s likely to take. And then ask for recommendations from previous clients. Once you have your chosen your loft build specialist, you can then discuss the above factors and begin the planning process properly for converting your loft.

How will I use the space?

Something you definitely need to consider when planning your new loft room or rooms is how will you use the space? For most people, the whole point of a loft conversion before and after the build is that the ‘after’ will provide more space, but it’s still important to decide exactly how the space will be used.

Will it be a principal bedroom suite? If so, do you wish to include things like a dressing area, or a luxurious bathroom? Will it be a home office? If so, something you may wish to add to the after aspect of your build is bespoke storage for files and office equipment. Or will it be a studio or craft space? In this instance you’ll want plenty of natural light included once the build is complete.

Speak to your loft conversion specialist about how you intend to use the space and they will help you plan it accordingly. In all instances, we’d always advise adding an extra bathroom or at least a cloakroom, as this will make your loft conversion much more comfortable after completion, no matter how you intend to use it!

Should I decorate the space myself?

Something you may not have thought about at the start of your loft build is whether you’ll decorate your new attic extension yourself. Many people decide that they will decorate the space, but then as the work goes on, feel that it may actually be better to have the team of experts complete the whole job, and do the painting and decorating, too. It certainly makes sense to have at least the likes of tiling done professionally; there’s no point in having a shabby finish to your otherwise beautiful new room!

If you feel that having the room professionally decorated would be something that you’d like, speak to your loft conversion company upfront about this and how much it will cost. Sometimes, changing your mind about how much of the build you’ll have your loft conversion company involved with halfway through the project can cost more money, as your contractor may have to factor in extra time and pushing back other projects in order to get yours finished.

Your life with a loft conversion before and after: consider the benefits of your life afterwards

Something that you definitely need to consider when thinking about a loft build is how much your life could benefit after the work is complete! There are so many benefits to your home once your loft conversion is finished, including but not limited to:

  • More space: this is a given, as you can add extra bedrooms, a home office, a playroom, a home cinema…the sky’s the limit, quite literally!
  • More light: if you paint or craft or do any sort of hobby or profession that requires plenty of natural light, a loft conversion can be designed to increase the amount of natural light on offer in the top of your home.
  • Enhanced family life: giving everyone that little extra space - be it in the form of their own bedrooms, a master bedroom for the grown-ups, or even a playroom or teenage hangout – will always make family life more harmonious.
  • More ‘me’ time: just think how nice it will be to relax in your luxurious new bathroom as part of your principal suite, to read in a window seat flooded with natural light or have a dedicated sewing or hobby room…!
  • Less clutter: bespoke storage and extra space can really help with reducing clutter within your home.
  • Improved work life balance: not only is it better for your mental health to have a dedicated work space that you can shut at the end of the day, but it will also make you more productive to have a dedicated work space within your home.
  • Additional bathrooms: a loft conversion can mean no more bathroom sharing nightmares in the morning, a huge blessing in terms of making family life more harmonious.

These are just some of the benefits of extending into your loft space. What will you add to the list once your attic extension is complete?

Ready for your own loft conversion before and after? Contact Bespoke Lofts!

If you’re ready for your very own loft conversion before and after, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We can help you to plan from start to finish, so that your life after your conversion has all of the benefits you were seeking before work took place.

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