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Loft Conversions: Cost Effective Renovation?

Why do we believe this to be the case? Well, here’s how loft conversions in Chingford and beyond are proving to be a cost effective option for homeowners.


More Affordable than Moving Home


The main reason most people opt for a loft conversion is the simple fact that it is a cheaper option than moving home. By the time you’ve totted up solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, removal company costs, bank fees and so on, loft conversions work out to be a much cheaper option!


What’s more, a loft conversion often costs a lot less emotionally than moving home does: after all, there’s no upheaval of the family, no packing up your entire lives and no leaving a home that you’ve loved for years. So whichever way you look at it, a loft conversion in Chingford costs a lot less than moving home!


Cheaper than an Extension


Often, a loft conversion will cost less than an extension in comparison to gaining the same amount of floor space. This is because the main structure – the roof – will already be in place and will only require modification, rather than completely starting from scratch. Similarly, loft conversions will often be included as part of permitted development rights, which will save the need for planning permissions in Chingford.


From the initial quote, an experienced loft conversion company will be able to advise how much a loft conversion will cost and whether planning permission is required. That way, you can budget accordingly and decide if it’s the most cost effective option for your home.

Reduces Energy Bills


Your new loft conversion, once complete, will often make your new home more energy efficient, therefore saving you money on your energy bills. How does this happen? Well, your loft will become better insulated as part of the loft conversion process and you may also need a new, more efficient boiler, which will help to keep your energy bills low.


Adds Value to your Home


And the biggest way that loft conversions are the most cost effective renovation that you can undertake? They add value to your home! Any increase in living space will always increase the value of your property, and a good Chingford loft conversion company will be able to give you a rough idea of the return you can expect to see on your investment.


If you’re ready to see how a loft conversion could be a cost effective option to your home, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts. We can advise on how to make the best of your loft conversion to add value to your home in Chingford, as well as being a cost effective option overall.

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