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Loft Conversions Enfield: The Ultimate Home

loft conversions enfield

Enfield is an incredibly popular place for families to live. Packed with green spaces, good schools and plenty to entertain the family, it’s no wonder that many families locate here. Plus, with its good transport links into London, taking approximately 30–40 minutes to commute by train, it’s perfect for those who need to be in the city for work.

However, finding the perfect house for a family can be tricky anywhere; especially so in Enfield where house prices are on the up and properties tend to be of a terraced nature. This is where loft conversions Enfield wide can help, by creating the ultimate family home in Enfield by looking up into the attic.

Why do families love a loft extension in Enfield?

Extra space is always key when creating your ultimate family home. In Enfield in particular, where nearly a quarter of the homes are three-bedroomed terraced houses, a terrace loft conversion is a very popular option for families.

Basement conversions have been used to create extra family space in the past, but many families in Enfield are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the required planning permission.

Those living in the EN1 or the EN2, EN3, EN8, N21 and N9 postcodes, all of which surround and comprise Enfield, could extend the ground floor of their homes, but if you’re in the process of creating your ultimate forever home, will sacrificing the garden really give you what you’re looking for?

Property prices in the EN1 postcode are just over £420,000 at this current time, which is less than London, but still may be the top of the budget for many. This is why buying a smaller or terraced house and then building into the loft space is such a great idea. Looking up, and creating an attic extension, can give you a beautiful family home with the added bonus of keeping your garden space intact.

What conversion ideas work well for the ideal family home?

When it comes to creating your ideal family home in Enfield, there are certain aspects you may wish to consider. The most important is, what do you want to use your new room for?

Think about what your family need. Is it an extra bedroom so that siblings no longer have to share? Is it a dedicated playroom? Do you need a home study away from the kids? Consider your requirements, and then:

  1. When creating an extra bedroom: Loft conversions Enfield wide always work well as an extra bedroom. You may wish to move the kids into the loft, especially if you have a large or growing family. If this is the case, consider installing a Jack and Jill bathroom to avoid current or future teenage squabbles over who’s spending too long in the bathroom. Alternatively, relocate the grown-ups into the loft and enjoy the benefits of a loft extension master suite.
  2. When creating a home office: A major aspect of creating a home study in your loft is making it a dedicated space away from family life. Of course, your new loft extension will be separated by a staircase and door, but consider going one step further and decorating it differently to the rest of your home to create mental headspace. By separating yourself in this way, you will be more productive during the day, and more focused on your family when it comes to your downtime.
  3. When creating a dedicated playroom: One of the essential things to consider when creating a playroom within your roof space is that it should grow with your family. By this we mean that although it might need plenty of eaves storage now for toys and craft equipment, as your children become teenagers, the storage may need to give way to desk space, for example. Don’t forget to include ample power outlets for all those teenage gadgets, too.

Can I extend beyond my loft with a terrace loft conversion?

If you do have a good-sized garden which you don’t mind sacrificing in your quest to obtain the ultimate family home, why not consider a double story extension to your terraced house, with a terrace loft conversion over the top?

This type of setup creates a beautiful L-shaped loft conversion which will give you plenty of space to play with. You may be able to fit in a kitchen-diner or playroom to the ground floor, an extra bedroom on the second floor and a master suite within your loft. So, lots of scope!

Eager for one of those loft conversions Enfield residents love? Talk to Bespoke Lofts!

If you wish to create the ultimate family home in Enfield, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We can speak to you and your family about your needs, and open up your loft space to give you the family home of your dreams.

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