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Future Proof your Home: Energy Saving and Loft Conversions

You can, of course, just do the minimum to meet these requirements, but why not go above and beyond and at the same time future-proof your home?

Using your loft as a stimulus to work on the rest of your home often makes sense. Why not use this opportunity to make your loft conversion as energy efficient as possible, and the rest of your home at the same time?

Insulation and Glazing

Speak to your loft conversion company about installing the optimal amount of insulation in your new loft, rather than just the bare minimum. This will hold the heat in for your entire home, as well as your loft conversion.

Always choose energy efficient windows too, such as A+ rated double glazing. Coupled with the right insulation, good quality windows can really help to lower your energy bills. Why not look at the glazing in the rest of your home at the same time and see whether you need to upgrade any of the windows elsewhere?

Solar Power

Many people are opting to add solar panels as part of their new loft conversion project. If you’re having work done on your roof, it makes sense to install them at the same time! One of the most expensive parts of having solar panels installed is the scaffolding required, so why not kill two birds with one set of scaffolding?

By installing solar panels whilst having your loft converted, you can make sure that they are positioned correctly alongside skylights, as well as ensuring that the roof pitch works with the solar panels.


As part of your loft conversion, you may need to upgrade your boiler. Although this is an expense that you possibly would have liked to have avoided, it often makes perfect sense when you look at your home in its entirety. Often, newer boilers are more energy efficient, which is better news for both the environment and your heating bills!

If you’re installing traditional radiators in your new loft conversion, remember to have them installed with thermostatic valves, so that you can control the heat emitted from them as required. Furthermore, why not look at installing a smart heating device to control your home’s heating from your phone or tablet at the same time?

Having your loft converted is a good opportunity to reassess any changes that are needed throughout your home. If you’d like to know more about making your home energy efficient, speak to Bespoke Lofts about how having your loft converted can work in terms of energy savings.

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