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Loft Conversions: They’re All About the Creature Comforts!

We all lead busy, hectic and often stressful lives. Our home, therefore, is our very own place to escape to, to sit back and relax and to shut out the world beyond the curtains.

If you’re in the process of furnishing a loft conversion it’s important therefore to make it a sanctuary of creature comforts that you can retreat to when you need a place to put your feet up and rest your weary brain. But don’t stress yourself out thinking about what you should include, as we’ve provided the best comfortable loft room ideas for you!

Think About your Floors

Flooring can often make or break a room in terms of comfort. If you think about solid floors, yes they look beautiful but they can be hard and cold underfoot.

We suggest either choosing a plush, deep pile carpet if the room is to be a bedroom, or if you do require something a bit more practical, break up hard flooring with luxurious rugs.

A great idea to counteract the cold feeling underfoot in a bathroom is underfloor heating. Just imagine having a warm bath to unwind and then stepping out onto toasty warm tiles - bliss!

Soft Furnishings: The Clue is in the Name

Soft furnishings should be exactly that: soft and snuggly. Choose seating which is not only stylish but also comfortable. Why not invest in a cuddle chair or a chaise lounge, for example? Remember that it’s not just the adults that deserve comfort either, and as such the likes of bean bags work well in children’s rooms.

Dress all soft furnishings and the bed with plenty of cosy cushions too. Choose fabrics which are soft and inviting, and mix textures and styles for a chic look. 

Light the Way

Lighting is extremely important in improving comfort levels, whether natural or artificial.

For natural light, make sure you include as many windows in as big a size as possible. Floor to ceiling or dormer windows can be combined with the aforementioned cuddle chair for the ultimate window seat reading nook, for example. Remember to dress the windows in soft curtains with a black out liner, so that you can restrict bright sunlight if necessary.

Artificial light is all-important in setting the mood of any room. Try to install a lighting system which can be dimmed for different times and requirements. A home office should also have extra lighting around the desk area to make it comfortable to work all day and all year long.

Ensuite Comfort

We advise all of our customers that an en suite bathroom as part of a loft conversion is always a good idea, but it’s particularly beneficial in boosting comfort levels. No matter what your room is to be used for, not having to traipse downstairs every time you need the bathroom definitely lowers stress levels.   

However you envisage your loft room, it’s our job at Bespoke Lofts to make it the most comfortable, perfect room for you. Speak to us about your loft conversion needs, and we’ll find ways to add those creature comforts that make all the difference.

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