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Injecting Personality into a Loft Conversion Bedroom

A loft conversion in London will always have the potential to feel like an unloved, generic space, particularly as so many homes in the capital are built to a similar style and size. If you want your loft to be a home, it’s important to inject a bit of personality into your new space.

Minimalism may be in, and you certainly don’t want to clutter your new loft room with objects just for the sake of it, but you’ll also want your loft conversion bedroom to be an inviting space to retreat to at the end of the day, especially if the room is to be your new master suite.   

Here’s our guide to injecting a bit of you into your blank canvas of a loft conversion:    

Furnish Well  

Here at Bespoke Lofts we’re big advocates of fitted storage within a loft conversion, particularly as bespoke wardrobes use the space – and any nooks and crannies the room may have – to its very best advantage. But this doesn’t mean that you have to solely use fitted wardrobes to furnish your new room.   

To inject a bit of character, why not choose antique freestanding bedside cabinets? Or if you have a quality piece from another room within the house – such as a wingback chair – think about moving this into your new room to bring a bit of history to an otherwise brand new space.   

Alternatively, think about including a statement bed, such as a sleigh bed or ornate French-style bed to be the focal point of the room.   

Work with the Room’s Proportions

If your new room is lucky enough to have good proportions such as high ceilings, as lovely as these are, they can sometimes leave the space feeling cold and unloved.   

One way to overcome this is to add features such as low hanging pendant or statement lighting, or to ask your loft conversion specialist whether it is possible to retain some of the ceiling beams to add character.   

Create a Focal Point

One of the best aspects of most loft conversions is the fact that the room often retains original structural features, such as chimney breasts. Make a feature of these eccentricities by painting them a different shade to the rest of the room, wallpapering these areas, or even just placing your bed or a large piece of furniture in front of the chimney breast.   

Mood lighting also works really well within chimney alcoves, so think about how you can use these nooks to create an intimate, relaxing feel.   

Once you have these basic features in place, it’s easy just to add a bit of your own style with simple aspects such as shelving, pictures and ornaments. Don’t be intimidated by the blank canvas; use it to create a stylish room that reflects your personality. 

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