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Four of the Trendiest Loft Conversion Design Ideas

Loft conversions offer home owners a completely blank canvas to create their new room within. So why not fill that canvas with something out of the norm? If you’re looking for something a little bit wow, here are our top trendy design tips.   

Looking for slightly different loft conversions? Walthamstow residents seem to be seeking out the wow factor of late, and who can blame them? Creating a loft conversion is like having a blank canvas at the top of your home, ready to be filled with all your design ideas.   

But what exactly counts as different in the world of loft conversions? Here are four trendy design ideas which will turn heads within your conversion: 

Show off your Curves  

Curves seem to be the in thing in interior design at the moment. From curved kitchen cupboards through to circular tub chairs, everything fashionable seems to be slightly rounded.   

Loft conversions can work curves into their designs, too. Floor to ceiling windows can be finished with a curved top, for example, to give an almost church-like feel to a large space. Alternatively, mezzanine floors are all the rage, and you could create a circular one for something a little bit different. 

Mix it Up   

Like the industrial look but live in a period property? No problem, it’s fashionable at the moment to incorporate touches of the industrial within period charm. So, use the likes of large air conditioning pipes to add that functional feel to a room which also features beautifully traditional wooden beams.

If you are going to mix styles, such as industrial and period, then remember to always soften the look with your styling. Add soft throws to beds, for example, or display contemporary art in an array of colours and mismatched frames propped atop of a beam.   

Other looks to try mixing are the likes of Manhattan loft chic – think exposed brickwork and large windows - with traditional fixtures, fittings and furniture (dark wood works surprisingly well with this look) and minimalist with brightly coloured retro furniture. 

Nice and White   

White never goes out of fashion, and works in all sorts of rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, guest bedrooms, even playrooms.   

The key is to add just one accent colour to make it stylish. In a games room, for example, add large fawn coloured lamps above the pool table, a soft fawn sofa in front of a large screen TV and fawn stools at the bar. In a guest bedroom, add something softer, like a cool blue in the likes of bedspreads and bedside lamps.  

If you do use white for a playroom, use a durable, wipe clean paint on the walls and add interest by displaying your children’s artwork in bright white box frames. 

In the Nook

Using the nooks and crannies of your conversion wisely is very much of the moment. This means installing a romantic-yet-stylish free standing bathtub in chimney breast alcoves to create interest, or turning any odd ‘wings’ of a loft conversion room into a mini chill out den, complete with built in chaise longue style seating and row upon row of shelves filled with books.   

No matter what your room is to be used for, there are ways and means of making it that little bit more hip. Contact Bespoke Lofts for more information about how we could bring the wow factor into your loft conversion.        

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