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How to use Pinterest to Design your Loft Conversion

One of its best uses is interior design inspiration, and it’s a treasure trove of ideas for all rooms in the home. Once upon a time it was only interior designers that created mood boards, yet Pinterest has made it easy for everyone to gather their ideas into one place.   

If you’re planning a loft conversion, it’s a great tool for coming up with loft conversion ideas. Here’s our guide on how to use Pinterest to design your loft conversion:  

  1.    Create your Boards   

First things first, it’s quick, easy and free to set up a Pinterest account either using your email address or Facebook account. Once done, it’s time to create some boards. These are the categories that you’re going to gather your ideas under.   

For your loft conversion, we would suggest creating separate boards for different ideas, for example, colours and paint, wallpaper, flooring, overall design, soft furnishings etc. Think about the sort of inspiration you’re after, and create boards accordingly.   

 2.    Pin, Pin, Pin!   This is where the fun begins! Start by searching for inspiration on the different elements for your room. If you know you want a certain look or feel overall, search for terms such as “shabby chic loft conversion”, or “modern loft conversion” and see what comes up.   

You’ll no doubt be inundated with images, but from here you can start to pin those that appeal to you to the relevant boards. Over time, you’ll see that an overall trend will emerge from those boards, naturally narrowing down the style that you’re after.   

 3.    Find People to Follow   

If you find that you've pinned lots of pins from one pinner, it’s probably worth following their board for further inspiration. Don’t forget that big interior design companies and interiors magazines often have their own accounts on Pinterest, so you might want to follow these, too.   

 4.    Add your own Ideas!   

Remember that you don’t have to just add pins that are already on the site. If, in your general research for your loft conversion, you come across inspiration from other sources, pin these to your boards too.   

This could be inspiration from other websites – for example, from the website of your loft conversion specialist – from social media, or even from your friends. If your friends have recently had a loft conversion and you love certain aspects of it, ask them if you can take a photo to upload to your board; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all!   

 5.    Involve your Loft Conversion Specialist   Once you've combined all of the above aspects, don’t be afraid to edit your boards and narrow down your ideas, then show your ideas to your loft conversion specialist. They’ll be happy to advise on what can work for you, and how you can achieve the overall look that your board conjures up.   

We've found that our clients have used Pinterest to feel more confident in their choices, and the site has helped them to communicate those ideas with us. Just be warned though, pinning is addictive!  

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