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Natural Light: Bungalow Loft Conversions

For many homeowners, the question of how they’ll add natural light to their loft conversion is always a big consideration. A bungalow loft conversion is no exception to this.   

Having said that, if you’re converting your loft within your bungalow, there are some slightly different ideas for maximising the natural light to your new room which you may wish to consider. Why not make your bungalow loft conversion a design statement as well as flooded with beautiful natural light?

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Many bungalows have been designed with a gable end roof either at the back or front of the property. When converting the loft space in a bungalow with such a roof, the gable end can make for a great feature window.   

Why not fill this space with floor to ceiling windows? Not only will this fill your new room with lots of lovely natural light, but if you’re surrounded by great views, a picture window such as this will really make the most of having an additional storey.

Juliette Balconies

If you don’t have a gable end to create a picture window with, consider adding a Juliette balcony instead. You may be able to do this by creating a dormer window space within your new loft room.   

The size of many bungalow loft conversions means that they can often accommodate a dormer or Juliette balcony without it looking out of place in relation to the rest of the house.

Landing Skylights

Remember that it’s not just the main room or rooms within your new loft space that require natural light; by adding skylights over the new landing as you enter the loft room, you’ll also flood the entrance area to your conversion with light, too.

Extension Skylights

Many homeowners decide to extend their bungalows at the same time as converting their loft as part of a bigger home renovation project. This type of extension as part of a bigger loft conversion project will often work well with a new kitchen-diner or family room underneath to create a beautiful family home.   

If you’ve decided to do this, one idea is to continue the natural pitch of your bungalow’s roof down beyond the new extended area below. Then add skylights to the new extension roof to give plenty of natural light to the rooms on the first floor.

No matter how you add natural light to your bungalow loft conversion, by employing a loft conversion specialist for the work you’ll not only be given the best ideas that will work for your home, but you’ll also be guaranteed expert and experienced workmanship. Why not light up your bungalow loft conversion therefore with the help of Bespoke Lofts?

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