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4 Ways to Remodel Your Bungalow

bungalow conversion in Buckhurst Hill by Bespoke Lofts Conversion Specialists

Bungalows are no longer seen as the property you buy once you've hit a certain age. With huge potential and a large footprint, they are ripe for a remodel and conversion into a bigger home. With a bungalow conversion, there are plenty of opportunities to create the home of your dreams.
With this in mind, here are some top ways to remodel your bungalow.

1. Create a bungalow conversion by extending into your loft space

Bungalows are great properties for creating a loft room. Their large footprint means that a bungalow conversion can really add to the usable space within your home. Unless you live within a conservation area or in a listed building, you can often undertake a bungalow loft conversion under permitted development, which means that you don't require planning permission in order to remodel it. Speak to your loft conversion specialist to see if this would apply to your home.

Moving the bedrooms upstairs and bathroom into a dormer loft conversion or a hip to gable conversion, for example, will completely transform the way you use your home. You'll have a tremendous amount of space downstairs once the bungalow renovation is complete. You can then use this to create a large family kitchen diner, a separate formal dining room, a lounge or perhaps a playroom.

2. Achieve a bungalow conversion with a home extension

Bungalows often sit on a good-sized plot, and that's why many bungalow owners opt for an extension as part of their remodel. This is a great way to add on an open-plan kitchen-diner or family room, and works well if you're happy with life on one level.

However, if you'd instead expand your living space into another storey, then you could look at converting the loft space as part of the extension.

You need to be aware that a bungalow extension when combined with a bungalow loft conversion may take you over your permitted development rights, so check with your builder whether you'll require planning permission.

The combination of extending out and up will create a much larger home, perfect for growing families.

3. Add a balcony to make the most of your outdoor space

If you hanker after a place to sit and relax and enjoy your surroundings, and you are plumping for a bungalow loft conversion, then you should talk to your builder about adding a balcony.

You will likely require planning permission when adding a balcony or a terrace, so you'll need to factor in the time and cost for this. However, imagine adding a bit of wow factor and extra outdoor space to your bungalow. Even sliding doors and a Juliet balcony will completely transform the exterior and interior of your home, bringing in plenty of natural light and making the most of any views which the ground floor of a bungalow simply can't take in.

4. Change your home's layout – turn things upside down!

Don't be afraid to turn your home upside down with a bungalow conversion!

In any property, it's essential to identify the best aspects of your home and use them to your advantage. In a bungalow, if the best part of your property is the good plot of land with a view, why not make the most of the space and put the living areas at the top of the home? You can therefore leave your bedrooms downstairs, and perhaps add a playroom or home office where the kitchen or lounge once stood and take your living room upstairs. Just imagine looking out over those views!

Alternatively, why not look at opening up the space downstairs? You could even create a galleried effect, opening up the downstairs into an open plan space and then locating the bedrooms into the converted attic. This will give the same sort of feel as a barn conversion, and open plan living is very popular among families because of its sociable quality.

Ready to remodel your home with a bungalow conversion? Talk to bespoke Lofts.

If you're ready to transform your home with a bungalow conversion, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We have plenty of experience of creating beautiful new habitable rooms within the loft space of bungalows, which can really open up the potential of your home. Get in touch to see how we can remodel your bungalow into a living space which exceeds your requirements and dreams.

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