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Under the Eaves: Tips for Decorating an Eaves Conversion

For a simple and cost-effective loft conversion, an eaves conversion offers the perfect little bit of extra space. You may think that by not adding a dormer window or a gable end, you’ll be restricting yourself, but there’s actually a lot that you can do with a simple eaves conversion. This is why so many loft conversions east London wide are being carried out as simple but practical eaves conversions, with a variety of uses.

Bespoke Dressing Room

You may not gain the most amount of space with an eaves conversion, but if you’re only after a little extra room then they’re a great choice. This is also why something like a dressing room works so well in an eaves conversion, as they only require minimal space. What’s more, the storage within this type of conversion can be bespoke designed to suit your specific needs.

Just imagine, if you have an existing gable end, you can use that to have floor to ceiling shoe storage, and then have wardrobes or hanging rails either side on the sloping ceilings. Plus you can include a dressing table or a bench under the skylights. If you opt for bench seating, why not make this hollow for storing bedding or winter jumpers within it?

Home Office and Guest Room

A home office may feel like an extravagance. So why not include a space for guests to stay over in order to make the room multifunctional?

Choose a daybed, rollaway or foldaway bed so that you don’t have to have your office space cluttered at all times. Then make sure that you include lots of storage for your home office supplies, so that when you have guests staying over, their space isn’t overwhelmed by your office clutter!Aside from adding a useful space to welcome guests, you may find that if you work from home, you are more productive once you have a dedicated office space.

Extra Bedroom and Bathroom

Don’t rule out an eaves conversion for an extra bedroom with an en-suite. Yes, you do have to be clever with space, but it can be done. 

You’ll need to zone one end for the bathroom. In order to save space, why not incorporate a freestanding tub into the main bedroom, then just section off a private area for a toilet? Alternatively, fit a slimline walk-in shower, or even a wet room, with a partition wall in front of it.

Keep the bedroom simple and clutter free, so as not to overwhelm the space. Neutral greys and whites work really well as clean, cool colours and help make the room look bigger.

Hobby Space

If you need a space to enjoy your hobbies, then an eaves conversion is ideal. It can be useful as a yoga space, an artist’s studio, a sewing room or a gym. Make sure you include plenty of light and, if possible, an en-suite bathroom so that you do not have to break mid-flow to go downstairs to use the conveniences.

No matter what you intend on using your eaves conversion for, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts for inspiration and advice. We can maximise the room that you have, and turn it into a useful, pleasant space. 

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