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2019 Autumn Design Trends for Loft Conversions

The colours of autumn are often enough to get us thinking about freshening up our interior décor. Just as a spring clean can do wonders for our homes, autumn can be seen as a time to revitalise the look and feel of our property. Loft conversions are no exception to this, and there are certain loft conversion design ideas proving popular this autumn.

Ready to inject some of this season’s new style into your loft conversion? Here are the hottest autumn design trends for loft conversions.

The Blues

When it comes to interior design, blue is the new grey (which in turn was once the new magnolia!). However, gone are the days of the soft duck egg blues which effectively work as a bright alternative to a neutral; this autumn’s hottest shades of blue are bold, bold, bold!

Think Dutch Blue – which is a slightly grey-blue with a regal feel – or turquoise. These are bold colours in themselves, but you can also team them with powdery blues, soft or dark purples or even coral colours. The main idea is to make your room stand out with hot pops of these colours. The rule to remember is that there are no rules, so long as you create a strong overall look.

Why not paint a feature wall in a strong teal-turquoise shade, and then add brightly coloured scatter cushions in a contrasting shade, such as bright jewel colours? Although this is a brave look, it is definitely one that will see you well into 2020 and won’t date immediately.

Tickled Pink

Having said that blue is the new grey, pink is certainly up there when it comes to loft conversion design ideas this autumn. It’s also a slightly softer look, so if you’re not sure on the bold blues, pretty in pink is your answer. On trend tones range from peachy tones through to soft salmons, so there’s plenty of choice and you don’t have to opt for something which feels too feminine if you don’t want to.

Pinks look perfect when teamed with monochrome shades, and work particularly well with greys and soft blues, too. Remember that it is also a versatile shade, so whether you have your home office in the loft or your baby’s nursery, these soft shades will work well either way.

Layer Up

Aside from using colour to freshen up your loft conversion this autumn, another trend hitting interiors is the use of layers. In terms of loft conversion design ideas, this could be achieved using multiple rugs overlapping within a loft conversion home office, or next to a snug seating area to one side of a loft conversion master suite. Alternatively, it could be using various throws of differing textures and materials on top of a plush bedspread, and plenty of scatter cushions.

The idea is to give the space a warm and cosy feel as the nights draw in. Remember those blues? Team them with a soft amber hue using soft furnishings in different shades. Comfort is key, so go for inviting textures.

Black is the New Furniture

When it comes to furniture, black is the new black this autumn. Black accessories have been a trend for most of this year, but black pieces of furniture are creeping further and further up the loft conversion design ideas scale. Either go black and white for a striking monochrome feel, or contrast your black furniture pieces against the jewel colours, such as grape, which are so in this season too.

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