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Creating the Perfect Shared Children’s Loft Bedroom: Ideas to Inspire

Creating a shared children’s bedroom is no mean feat. There are often two personalities, two different ideas of taste and style, and sometimes two genders at play, too. If you’re creating a loft conversion as a shared bedroom for your children, you may well be wondering how best to create the perfect space for two or more of your children.

It’s not so much a case of divide and conquer when it comes to shared loft bedroom ideas. It’s actually better to get the space to work in harmony for you and your little ones. They can still have their own areas of the loft conversion, should they so wish, or they can share one big room, but you’ll need some clever planning to make it work as it should.

Here’s how to make the most out of your new loft conversion space so that your children can really enjoy their shared loft bedroom: 

Share, Share Alike

If you have two (or more) children of the same sex who have similar personalities, then in theory, the world is your oyster! It should be relatively straightforward to put this type of shared loft bedroom together, but why not ask your children, if they are old enough, for some input with the decorating colours or whether they have a particular theme that they’d like to aim for?

Remember though that it’s still important to treat them as individuals, even if they’ll happily get along and share a room. Give them both their own storage space, and perhaps add some quirky features in their end of the room: for example, if the new loft room has a space theme, why not add star shaped wall stickers at one end and planet wall stickers at the other, to zone the space?

Gender Neutral

You may feel that creating a gender neutral shared loft bedroom is a challenge. Whilst it may take some thinking about, it’s not impossible. Indeed, today’s children are rightly brought up to believe that anything is possible for them, so don’t feel like you need to stick to a typically ‘neutral’ theme. If you have a boy and a girl that both love trains, for example, then go for it! 

Traditionally gender-neutral decorating schemes could include the likes of a zoo animal theme, a book character theme (such as The Hungry Caterpillar or The Gruffalo), building block wallpaper (why not incorporate a wall made out of building block bases to allow their creativity to run riot?!), or a woodland theme.

Alternatively, you could go for a pattern over a theme. Geometric prints and dots are particularly popular as interior décor schemes at the moment.

In the Zone

If you have two children that would really rather have their own room, firstly, why not see if this is something that you can achieve together with your loft conversion company? The two rooms could perhaps be interconnected with a Jack and Jill bathroom, if you require an extra bathroom, too, but space is tight.

If this really isn’t an option, then fear not: there are ways of making a shared bedroom work. Sometimes a half-width divided wall can work, to give each other a little bit of privacy. Alternatively, why not look for two different decorating schemes that will give different spaces of your loft conversion definition but will complement each other? Pink and blue work surprisingly well together, for example, even though they’re normally thought of as opposites.

If you have any concerns over creating a shared loft bedroom, contact Bespoke Lofts. We’ll help to show you how the space can be used to its best advantage.

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