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Holiday Cottage: Benefits of Loft Conversion

A quick internet search will soon show you the popularity of holiday cottages nowadays. Many people convert disused barns, stables and outbuildings on their land into cottages that can be rented out to holiday makers, and if you manage your self-catering accommodation well, it can produce a good income.   

But what about if you could add some more accommodation to your cottage? Holiday homes can really benefit from the addition of a Loft Conversion. Essex holiday cottages are hot property right now, particularly those that are located at the gateway to Suffolk and Norfolk too, so why not make the most of yours with an attic conversion?

Extra Bedrooms

The most obvious benefit of adding a loft conversion to a holiday cottage are the extra bedrooms that you can create with it. Obviously it depends on the size of the cottage, but if your holiday accommodation was originally old stables, or a coach house, then you’ll probably be able to fit at least one bedroom under the eaves.   

If you opt to add another bedroom, it’s a good idea to furnish it with a different type of bed to that which is in the existing bedroom or bedrooms.   

For example, if your cottage was originally a one bedroom cottage with a double bedroom, create the extra bedroom as a twin bedded room. This way the loft bedroom becomes ideal for children, or friends, to share. Better still, invest in ‘zip and lock’ mattresses which will give you the option of creating either twin beds or a double with the slide of a zip!

Additional Bathrooms

If you have the space within your cottage, it’s wise to add bathrooms to any attic bedrooms that you create. If you can, add en suite bathrooms within the new loft bedrooms so that each of your guests have their own bathroom space. 

If this isn’t practical, even adding another shared bathroom or a cloakroom toilet to your cottage will make it more attractive to holiday makers.

A Whole New Apartment?

Now this idea really does require the luxury of space, but if you can pull it off, you could double your rental income. Is it possible that you could add a whole self-contained apartment with its own access to your holiday property as part of a loft conversion project? If so, this could really increase how much you can earn from your property.   

If you are able to create this type of space, why not market it to two families that wish to holiday together but like their own space? Or maybe to groups of friends that are attending a function? You’ll be surprised by how many people require large-scale accommodation.   

Remember that if you’re increasing your accommodation in any way, you may need to notify your local authority with regards to licensing requirements and planning permission, as well as comply with health and safety and fire regulations.   

Loft conversions come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find something to suit the needs of your holiday home. If you’re not sure how a loft conversion could work for you, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We’ll happily show you how your holiday property can grow.

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