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North London Lofts: Creating your Dream Home

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North London encompasses some of the most vibrant and desirable neighbourhoods of the entire city. Attracting both families and professionals alike, there are a variety of different areas and communities that are perfect to set up home in.

However, if you’re considering North London, but know or fear that it’s out of your budget, think about the potential within North London lofts. By this we mean, have you considered converting the loft of your North London home?

Why live in North London?

Part of the attraction of North London life is the fact that there is an area to suit everyone. Some have a village vibe, such as Muswell Hill and Crouch End, whereas others have a bustling bar and social scene, such as Leytonstone. Others have great open spaces such as Finchley and Palmers Green, and let’s not forget the sporting, leisure and educational facilities in North London.

There are also certain areas that attract particular industries, or people that have the same interests, such as the creativity that flows in Islington, Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington, for example. Other areas are renowned for the personality of the area, for example, the quirkiness of Camden Lock. In short, there is something to suit all interests and lifestyles in North London.

On top of this, you’re only a short train ride away from the centre of the city, and the seaside is not too far away to the east of the city, heading into Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. This means that you can really enjoy the professional side of life – both commuting into the city centre and/or working from home, perhaps with a home office within your new loft conversion – and the social and leisure aspects of being so well connected to other beautiful parts of the country.

How can North London lofts help you to create your dream home?

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The reasons to live in North London are manifold, but what if you find that the area that you’ve got your heart set on is out of your budget? North London lofts could well be the answer!

By this we mean think about the potential for extending up into the loft of any home you decide to buy. A loft conversion can give you extra rooms within your roof space and without you sacrificing your outdoor space, which, let’s face it, many of us value as part of our dream home.

What type of room can be created within North London lofts?

The beauty of a loft extension is that it can be used to create whatever you need to create your dream North London home. The extra space realised by a dormer loft conversion, for example, could make a master bedroom suite for the grown-ups in the house, leaving the younger inhabitants to their own space downstairs. Alternatively, why not give the kids a bedroom each in the loft space, with a Jack and Jill bathroom to share?

You may also wish to utilise the space as a home office, especially if a home study or workroom space was something you were looking for as part of your North London property search.

Or maybe your dream home includes something a little more unusual, such as a home gym, a sewing room or a cinema? If so, go for it in your loft space! After all, you may have considered an outhouse at the bottom of the garden for this type of space, but why sacrifice your garden when you could build up into the roof? Your loft will also be infinitely cosier than an outhouse during midwinter, too.

Ready to create the perfect home utilising North London lofts? Contact Bespoke Lofts!

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If you’d like more ideas of how you can buy an affordable home in North London and then extend to create the perfect home, contact Bespoke Lofts. We can help you take your home from average to awesome with the help of utilising the space in North London lofts. Get in touch today to see how we can help you to extend into your loft space to improve your home.

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