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Taking Loft Room Ideas Back to Nature

There’s a reason that nature inspires many man-made aspects of our life: it’s perfect in its beauty. And when you’re trying to decorate a brand new loft room, you too will want the finished product to be beautiful. So why not let nature inspire your décor choices?

Whether you’re a lover of the forest or the coast, or something in between, there’s plenty of natural inspiration suitable as loft room ideas out there. Here’s how to get back to nature with your loft conversion.

Forest Dweller

A loft conversion inspired by the forest is one rich in colour and texture. If you want just a hint of forest life, the obvious choice for your colour scheme is a rich, mossy green. Team this with soft beigey browns – perhaps in the shape of throws and soft furnishings – and leafy or tree inspired prints.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out and deck your new loft room out like a log cabin, go bold. Add the likes of rustic bedside cabinets made of tree trunks, bunches of branches with a clear glass top, or wood cladding to the gable end wall. Remember that it can be easy to go overboard with this look, so it may be wise to aim for something in between a hint of leafy and full blown forest.

Floral Dance

Floral inspiration for your loft conversion is a straightforward loft room idea. There’s plenty of floral pieces available at the moment, and you want to aim for colours and motifs inspired by a meadow in bloom.

If your new loft conversion is to be a bedroom, focus the eye on a floral bedspread, and other soft furnishings. For a home office, why not bring the outside in with a wallpapered floral feature wall? Complete the look with framed photos or prints of your favourite blooms, to provide inspiration while you work.

Life’s a Beach

Coastal interior design is another big trend at the moment. It works really well in bathrooms in particular, so if you have a master suite at the top of your house, why not choose this as your scheme?

You need to think beach hut when it comes to coastal dreams: pastel colours, bunting, cute details such as retro prints and ornaments. Go slightly less obvious in the bedroom area of your loft conversion, and then you can go all out in the bathroom. You can also incorporate any nick-nacks you’ve picked up on your travels into the coastal look.

If you’re interested in having a loft conversion inspired by nature, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We’ll convert your loft conversion to the highest of standards, and can give advice on décor too. Why not convert your loft and get back to nature?

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