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How to Add Value to Your Enfield Property with a Loft Conversion

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An additional habitable room in the loft – regardless of whether it’s used as a bedroom, a playroom or a home office – can be a valuable way of adding extra space to your home. That’s why, when it comes to a loft conversion, Enfield residents are opting to add an extra room within their loft space.

Want to know how you can add value through a loft conversion? Here’s how North London lofts are doing just that to Enfield based properties.

Creating extra bedrooms

Adding extra bedrooms to your property is always a good way of upping the value. Properties with more bedrooms can command a higher sale price. So, whether you opt for a sumptuous principal suite in the loft, perhaps complete with a dressing room and an ensuite bathroom, or simply an extra stand-alone bedroom, by taking your property from a two-bed to a three or four-bed, or a three-bed to a four or five-bed, you are almost always guaranteed to add value to your home.

And for North London homes, a loft conversion in Enfield or surrounds can be a real asset in this respect.

In an area popular with families, Enfield homes can often benefit from an additional bedroom, especially as many people buy a smaller North London property than they desire to fit with their budget, and then extend into the loft space in order to create their dream family home in Enfield.

Adding an extra bathroom

You’ll be surprised by how desirable an additional bathroom can be when it comes to adding value to your Enfield property. It’s easy to see why: an extra bathroom can make family life run so much more smoothly.

No more squabbles in the morning over someone taking too long in the bathroom; no having to share with the kids if you’ve got a grown ups’ ensuite bathroom in the loft, and more access to toilets when you need them. This is why many a loft conversion Enfield wide will include an additional bathroom as part of the design.

When creating North London lofts, one of our top tips for your Enfield home is that we would always advise adding an extra bathroom – or at the very least a cloakroom – as part of the design of your new loft space.

Apart from helping family life to run more smoothly, having an extra bathroom will mean that the inhabitants of the new loft room don’t have to run downstairs every time they need to visit the facilities.

Carving out a home office

With many more people working from home nowadays or having a hybrid and flexible working pattern between home and the office, adding a home study to your loft space can be a real bonus.

Not having to commute into the city, or at least having the option to work from home occasionally, can be a really attractive option to many potential buyers when viewing a property. What’s more, many people who work for themselves will list a home office as one of their requirements on their property search.

Just think, when it comes to North London lofts, having a dedicated space within the attic to work from home is a really attractive prospect for many nowadays. It’s a much nicer option than having to work from the dining room table or in the corner of the spare room, and it will give potential buyers the option to separate work and home life.

Or how about something entirely different?

Your new loft room can also be about fun as well as practical. When it comes to a loft conversion, Enfield residents are taking advantage of the fact that there are so many options available to them, both for the use of the room and the design of the space itself.

So this means that if you want to use your loft space as a home gym, a cinema or a craft room, it’s still very likely that you’ll add value or at least sale-ability to your property.

After all, when the next owner moves into the house, they’ll appreciate the blank canvas, ready to put their own stamp on. And who knows what function they may just decide to use the room for.

Ready to add value with a loft conversion? Enfield residents, contact Bespoke Lofts!

If you’re ready to add value to your property with a North London loft conversion, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts.

When it comes to creating a value-adding loft conversion, Enfield residents know they can trust Bespoke Lofts to complete the project to the highest standards using their many years of expertise, which will add as much value as possible to your home. Talk to us today to see what you can achieve.

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