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Bring the Outside into your House Extension

There is a current trend for bringing the outside into your property, creating an infinity look between the home and garden. This trend has become so popular due to the flexibility it offers for modern day living, and the light and space it provides.  One of the joys of extending your home is adding more natural light and ventilation, and making the most of any garden views.  But how to create this look? There are certainly ways and means, which Bespoke Lofts know only too well having crafted many house extensions Essex wide!

A Room with a View

The easiest and most popular way of creating the illusion of bringing the outside in is by the clever use of glass.  

Fully retractable bi-fold doors will open up the back of an extension onto a garden, making the most of the view onto any outside space and bringing in plenty of natural light. If funds permit, opt for bi-fold doors which do not require any pillars for support in between frames to create a continuous glass window onto your world.

With any sloping roofs that your new extension may have, go one step further and install either a solid glass modern conservatory-style roof or skylights in order to bring the feel of the open sky closer.

Completely Floored

The use of correct flooring is a clever trick for bringing the outside in. There are two ways of doing this well:

1.    Use the same floor in your new extension and on the surrounding patio so that there is no break between floors. Natural stone which is suitable for both interior and exterior use is ideal for this purpose. 

2.    Use the same width of floorboard or wooden floor inside your extension as the width of the decking on the patio outside, and lay the boards in the same direction, to create a continuous, infinity feel.

If you currently step down from your house onto a patio or terrace outside, consider raising the surrounding outdoor area, too, so that there is no drop in the sightline from inside to out.

Outdoor Living

The finishing touches when creating a continuous feel between your new house extension and your garden are less about bringing the outside in, and more about taking the inside out.

Small details on your patio or decking are important; choose exterior furniture in the same colours and tone as the room which you’re stepping out from, and don’t forget to include small touches such as outdoor lighting, to make the space welcoming. This way, you’ll get the most out of your new house extension and your garden at the same time.

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