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Didn't Think you could add a Loft Conversion to a Flat Roof? Think Again!

Many homeowners are put off by the fact that they may need regular maintenance to repair and prevent leaks, but aside from that, people sometimes think they don’t give you the opportunity to extend in the form of a loft conversion.

This needn't be the case, however, as long as you’re open to a little work and a little imagination. Here are a few ideas for flat roof loft conversions North London-wide:

Adding a Pitched Roof

Adding a pitched roof not only gives you the extra space to create a beautiful new room, or suite of rooms, it also makes for an attractive addition to a home.

It’s not as much work as you might think to convert to a pitched roof, although as with any building or renovation work, it’s always a good idea to check with your local council whether planning is needed, whether you need to notify your neighbours – particularly if party walls are involved – and to make sure that you comply with Building Regulations.

Remember when adding a pitched roof you can also add ‘extras’ such as dormer windows or a Juliet balcony if you so wish to really make your home stand out.

Creating a Feature Flat-Roofed Room

The alternative to adding a pitched roof to an existing flat roof is to work with the character of the flat roofed property and add a feature room.

This works particularly well if you have a character property, such as a 1920s home, whereby the flat roof is part of its overall look. If you add to it in the same manner, you’ll be able to enhance the look whilst keeping it true to period.

Imagine the boxy look and clear cut fine lines of an Art Deco style house; now imagine adding another box to the top of the flat roof, perhaps slightly set back from the sightline of the exterior of your home, and maybe in a different construction material. You’ll really be making a statement, and gaining extra space at the same time.

Adding a Pitch over a Flat Roof Extension

Of course, the other way to gain an extra room is to convert over a flat roofed extension or garage.

Make sure the foundations are checked before work commences so you know the existing structure can support an extra pitched roof; decide whether you’re going to add one room above it, or a double storey room and a loft room, and then imagine what your new space could be.

No matter what type of flat roof loft conversion or extension you’d like to add, the best thing to do is speak to a competent loft conversion company such as Bespoke Lofts. We’ll tell you the limitations and guide you through the whole process to give you a brand new, very usable space above your flat roof.

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