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Maximising your Bungalow Loft Conversion

It’s not surprising that many bungalow owners see converting the loft as the most valuable improvement they can make to their home. After all, by converting the loft, you could increase your living space by up to 50%! But there are certain ways that you can really make the most of the space created.   

Whether you’re looking to change the layout of the ground floor of your home, take advantage of spectacular views or simply gain additional living space, here are our top bungalow loft conversion ideas to really make the most out of your attic conversion:

Improve an Awkward Layout

For some reason, bungalows can find themselves with an awkward room layout. Perhaps it’s just because all of the rooms are on one floor, or maybe space was at a premium when the bungalow was being built, but either way, bungalow layouts are often not conducive to modern day living.  

If you have found yourself living in one such bungalow, converting the loft could rectify a difficult downstairs layout. For example, by moving the sleeping quarters of your bungalow upstairs into the new loft rooms, you could knock the existing kitchen or dining room into the old bedrooms downstairs, and create a spectacular family kitchen.   

Similarly, if you need a home office, or even a separate dining room, you may find that the lack of rooms within a bungalow doesn’t allow for this. By moving the bedrooms up into the loft conversion, you can repurpose one of the old bedrooms as a home study or a formal dining room.

Make the Most of Views

Bungalows can often be found on substantial plots. If this is the case with your bungalow, and you have a beautiful garden to look out upon – or indeed, a view beyond the garden if you back onto the likes of fields – then converting the loft will really make the most of this outlook.   

Instantly you’ll gain height which will give you a vantage point from which you can survey your kingdom (or garden!).   

Enhance this further with dormer windows, which can also give a home a chocolate box cottage feel, and think about adding either floor to ceiling glass or a Juliette balcony. That way, you’ll be able to throw open the windows on a summer’s day, and really make the most of the views.

Gain Additional Family Space

Once the preserve of the elderly, bungalows now make fantastic family homes, mostly because by converting the loft space, a homeowner can gain such a huge amount of living area. 

If you’ve got children, it may be that you simply want to create a master suite in the new loft rooms, and who could blame you? A stunning master bedroom with en suite bathroom and perhaps even a dressing room space can be your grown up retreat away from the kids.  

Similarly, you could use the space as a large playroom, or perhaps create two bedrooms to house the children. As the rooms created will practically double the size of your bungalow, you can really use the loft conversion to suit your growing family’s needs!  

Whatever you choose to use your bungalow loft conversion for, gather ideas from Bespoke Lofts. We are experts in bungalow loft conversions and can advise you not only of the best way to make the most of your new space, but also ways to optimise the layout of the existing rooms to give you the home you’ve always dreamt about.

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