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Creating the North London Sound with a Loft Conversion Recording Studio

Many a new act is found via internet music video vlogs nowadays. If you’re looking to make it big in the world of music, however, it’s always helpful to have the right equipment at your fingertips.   

Many budding musicians therefore are creating music rooms or even fully blown music studios with the help of loft conversions. North London musicians, why not create your very own London music scene from your loft? Here are three great ways to create that North London sound with a loft room recording studio:

The Perfect Sound Proofing   

When creating a room from scratch within your loft, it’s easy to add specific elements required for specialist rooms. For example, sound proofing is simple when adding it to a blank canvas, as the likes of specialist acoustic glass can be installed, as can acoustic foam and other sound insulation.   

And if you’re the family of a budding musician? Well, the added bonus of a properly soundproofed loft conversion recording studio is that you won’t be disturbed by the maestro in the loft!

The Perfect Environment

A loft conversion is perfect for the logistics of a recording studio. For example, the acoustics are normally excellent in a loft conversion because of the pitch of the roof. When the pitch slope and height is paired with the right sound proofing materials the quality of sound can be enhanced for your recordings too.    

Your equipment is also less likely to suffer from the effects of damp in a loft conversion (particularly in comparison to a basement recording studio conversion). When your equipment is worth tens of thousands of pounds, this is important!

The Perfect Size   

Recording studios do not require a large amount of space, which is why they are perfect for loft conversions, even if your loft space is on the small side. The awkward nooks and crannies under the eaves can often be used to house seated equipment, such as drum kits or mixing desk and computers, too.   

If you do have a slightly bigger space available to you in your loft, you can even create individual recording rooms or booths with appropriate sound proofing.  

If you want to set the world alight with your music, or perhaps just enjoy a hobby of mixing and recording, a loft conversion recording studio could be the ideal place to start. Speak to Bespoke Lofts for more information on what you could do with the space available to you, and about the technical aspects such as sound proofing and fixtures and fittings. We’re always happy to help budding musicians!

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