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Converting your Loft? Why not Remodel your whole Home?

Deciding to convert your loft is no small undertaking. Even the most professional of loft conversion companies, despite trying not to, will have to disturb your everyday life somewhat, just through the sheer nature of the work undertaken.   

Of course, any good loft conversion company will employ as many measures as possible to minimise disruption, but while you’re converting your loft, why not consider renovating your whole house too? It may seem over the top, but many a good loft conversion specialist will also have experience with other house renovations, so why not go for it and experience some of the benefits below?

Get the Disruption Over and Done with   

The biggest advantage of having more than one piece of major work done to your house at any given point is, of course, getting it over and done with in one hit.   

It may seem like more of a disturbance, but just think: you’ll have one session of living with dust, one lot of workmen in your house and you’ll only be dealing with one project manager and building company, all of which minimises disruption to your life.

Make your House Work for you   

If you’re adding a loft conversion it’s probably because your existing home doesn’t offer the space needed to make it work for you. A loft conversion will solve a lot of these problems, but why not rejig things on the other floors at the same time as converting your loft to make the whole of your house work as it should?   

You could add a kitchen-diner extension, or just knock through from a dining room into a kitchen to create the required space. Perhaps you need a downstairs toilet added, or utility room space, which could be achieved if you push back some walls. Would rejigging your downstairs layout give the kids a new playroom, too?   

Adjusting the downstairs floorplan may also make the staircase to your new loft room work better with the first floor layout, too. Just think, you’ll have a whole new house practically at the end of it, with the added bonus of accommodation in the loft, too.

Add all the Mod Cons   

Many people find that when they add their loft conversion, the rest of their home doesn’t match up to the high standard of the new loft room created, which can put a downer on the rest of your property. 

A full renovation could be just what you need to add some creature comforts – perhaps intelligent lighting or underfloor heating, for example – so that your new living space in the attic doesn’t outshine the rest of your home.

A Brand New, Maintenance Free Home!   

Maybe you’re adding your loft conversion because you’re a busy young family. Perhaps you’re slightly more mature and often have your grandchildren and friends to stay, so you’re converting your loft into a guest bedroom. Or maybe it’s going to be a home office for your thriving young start-up company? Either way, you’re probably leading a busy life and a maintenance free home must appeal.   

By working a remodel of all or part of the rest of your home into your loft conversion plans, you’ll end up with brand new fixtures and fittings. These will undoubtedly be much easier to maintain than an old fashioned property, leaving you to enjoy your home.   

Regardless of whether you’re thinking of converting just your loft or wish to renovate your entire property, Bespoke Lofts can help. If you’ve had any thoughts about converting your loft or your whole home, speak to us for more advice. You’re bound to have some lofty ideas once we’ve shown you what can be done!

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