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Are Loft Conversions Possible in New Build Properties?

The appeal for many people buying a new build property is that all of the work has been done and completed prior to moving in. However, things do change, and you may find yourself welcoming a new addition into the family, having elderly relatives move in or needing to work from home.

When it comes to loft conversions in Woodford Green, new builds can often benefit from the extra space. So, can you benefit from adding a loft conversion to a new build property? Or, alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to be planning your own new build from scratch, is it worth including one? Well, we say that the simple answer is always yes!

Converting a New Build Loft

The main thing to consider about a new build loft conversion is whether there are any restrictive covenants on your property. These are restrictions that the developers of new build developments often put on their properties for a number of years after completion to retain the consistent look of the exterior of the development.

This may mean that you cannot change the look of your roof, for example, for a number of years after you’ve purchased the property. If this is the case, you will need to seek the permission of the developer, or try to have the restrictive covenant removed before work can commence.

Once you know that you have permission to convert the loft, your specialist loft conversion company may need to carry out some structural work to the roof in the form of adding steel beams and possibly lowering the ceiling, making it quite a big job and not something to undertake lightly.

After converting your loft, you’ll often find that you have more storage options available to you in your new room, and you’ll also have one large space to play with. New builds often have a reputation of small rooms, so you may find that a loft conversion gives you a beautiful new master bedroom, allowing one of your smaller downstairs bedrooms to be used as a home office, for example.

Including a Loft Conversion in New Build Plans

Of course, if you’re commissioning a new build property or are planning your home from the foundations up, why not include a loft room as part of your plans? This will save your loft from becoming simply a dumping ground for seasonal items, and will instead give you some additional usable space. It will also save you from having to carry out further building work in years to come, should you decide in the future that you need the loft space converted!

If you’re looking to convert the loft of your new build property, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts. We can advise on what can be achieved with a new build loft conversion and can take you through the process from start to finish.

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