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How to Choose Wallpaper for your Loft Conversion

Most homeowners think that choosing a wallpaper for their home will be a simple task. However, due to the number of different types and patterns of wallpaper on the market, it can quickly become overwhelming.   

Don’t be put off by this, though, as picking the right wallpaper for your loft conversion can really add the finishing touch to your new room. Here are our favourite wallpaper loft conversion ideas:

Light and Airy

Depending on the type of windows you install in your loft conversion, you may find that certain parts of your new room are flooded with light, whereas other areas become darker nooks and crannies.    

If you’re papering the whole room, you’ll need to use a paper that takes the entire space into account. We would suggest choosing a light coloured wallpaper to help fill all areas of your loft conversion with that airy feel which is so desirable in an otherwise odd shaped room.

Add a Feature Wall

An alternative to papering the whole room in a light colour is to add a feature wall. Choose a neutral paint for the larger walls in the room, and then highlight one wall – such as a chimney breast – in a contrastingly toned wallpaper.   

Colour combinations that we love are soft stone painted walls and moss green toned wallpaper (think fern leaves or birds of paradise to add pops of colour), Jasmin white paint with an aqua coloured wallpaper (stripes or a paisley pattern would work well) and pure brilliant white painted walls with a plum floral wallpaper.

Shimmer and Shine

Wallpaper with a slight shimmer is popular right now, and if you’ve got a window close to your wallpapered wall you’ll instantly highlight this feature.   

Think carefully about the area to be wallpapered before choosing your paper; stripes with a shimmer are notorious for showing up walls which aren’t perfectly straight (even those that have been professionally plastered!), so you might prefer to choose a floral or paisley style pattern with shimmery highlights as this can be more forgiving.

Think about your Room’s Style

Think about how you want your new loft room to look and feel, and how you’ll be using it. 

Is the new room going to be a library and work space? Ornate William Morris style wallpaper with dark wood furniture will work well. Master bedroom? Why not add a touch of boudoir glamour with striking black and white? Or perhaps your new room is your kids’ playroom? The sky’s the limit, choose anything that will tickle your little ones’ fancy!   

Choosing wallpaper needn’t be a challenge, and there will always be something to suit your style and the use of the room. If you are drowning in a sea of choice, however, speak to your loft conversion specialist from Bespoke Lofts as the project is nearing completion. We’ll be happy to help you decide on the best wallpaper to finish your room.

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