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Can you Live in your Home During a Loft Conversion?

As loft conversion specialists, something we’re asked regularly is whether it’s possible to live in your home during the conversion period. Of course, to some extent, this is a matter of personal opinion, but for the most part? We say, yes, of course you can!

To minimise the disturbance felt during loft conversions Enfield residents should ensure they follow these steps to make it bearable for them to live through:

Before Loft Conversion Work Begins

One of the best ways to minimise the disruption to your lives that a loft conversion can cause is to do your research in advance. Choose a trusted, experienced loft conversion specialist who will be able to reassure you about the work that lies ahead by talking you through the loft conversion process and what it entails.

A good loft conversion specialist should be able to give you a fairly accurate timeline of events, detail what you can expect from each part of the build and respect your needs. You can then decide whether you can cope with the loft conversion process and live through the build.

During the Loft Conversion Build

We won’t lie: during the build there will no doubt be some disruption. Dust and noise are inevitable, but considerate construction companies will do all they can to minimise this and will clear up as much as possible at the end of the day. Similarly, your gas, electric and water may need to be shut off at certain times, however, you’ll be given substantial warning about this so that you can prepare accordingly.

Sometimes, we do advise staying away from home during any extensive work on your roof (particularly in winter when it’s harder to make the open roof watertight) or if we need to lower the ceilings of your first floor rooms, as this will render the rooms on the first floor unusable for a while. Of course, this all depends on the scale of the conversion and what work needs to be carried out, so speak to your loft conversion company about this in advance.

There will also be scaffolding and delivery lorries, and possibly cranes and skips too. If these things are likely to bother you, then speak to your loft conversion specialist about how long you’re likely to be living with these aspects.

Things to Remember

During the construction, there are some points that you can keep in mind to lessen the blow of the work, and keep the end goal in sight:

• A loft conversion usually creates less disruption than a traditional home extension. 

• Some loft conversion companies will bring their own portable toilets, which will lessen the impact of dust and dirt on your family bathroom. 

• If you do decide to stay away for a few days, it could give you the perfect opportunity for a short holiday! 

• It will all be worth it in the end: just think, a beautiful new room and addition to your home to enjoy once all of the hard work is over!

If you want to stay in your home during a loft conversion, we say it’s perfectly possible. You just need to be realistic about the work that will be undertaken. Contact Bespoke Lofts today for an honest, reliable loft conversion experience.

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