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A Loft Conversion to Suit Every Budget

Go simple, or go striking: this is the beauty of a loft conversion. There’s so much choice out there! Whether you go for something low-key, or a bigger loft conversion, either way, you’ll end up with a loft room to be proud of. Converting your loft into a habitable room is one of the best ways to gain an extra bedroom, bathroom or home office, and you can really add some usable space with a dormer loft conversion.

London loft extensions are also one of the best ways to add value to your home. You may, however, be worried about the initial outlay. If this is the case, the good news is that there are a variety of different styles of loft conversion to suit every budget, from simple skylight loft conversions through to a larger dormer loft conversion or a hip to gable conversion.

Read on for some budget-through-to-luxury loft conversion ideas.

Simple skylights

If you have financial constraints to consider when converting your loft, it’s better to keep things simple. Dormer windows will always add expense to a loft conversion, so instead of going down this design route, why not simply install skylights? This works particularly well in tall, narrow lofts, but it’s a good idea just to create one room without any dividing walls which could encroach upon the space.

All this type of loft conversion needs is a staircase, insulation, the roof light installation and any basic structural work, so this tends to keep the costs low; skylights are also a great way to add natural light to your home.

Part-width dormers

Did you know that a dormer loft conversion isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition? If you’re looking for an economical version of a full-width dormer window, a part-width dormer is an excellent alternative.

Furthermore, it may not be due to financial reasons that you would prefer a part dormer; some homeowners simply feel that they are more aesthetically appealing than a full-width dormer. Either way, when it comes to London loft extensions, this type of loft conversion is a slightly cheaper option to install than a full-width dormer.

And don’t forget that there are aesthetic options available to you wish a half-width dormer; for something a little more expensive, why not double your dormers up, using them on either side of your loft to create a light and airy space, and a balanced exterior appearance to your home?

Large Low-Level Roof Lights

If you wish to create some wow-factor in your loft but still have a budget to work within, why not shift your roof lights down to floor level but make them as large as possible? These tall, floor-to-beam windows are great if you have a view to show off, or if you just want to create a large open-feel space, as they create a sloping wall of glass.

Low-level roof lights like these also eliminate the dead space underneath skylight windows too, although you will lose an area that could potentially be turned over to storage, so it’s important to consider all options before plumping for this type of loft conversion.

Floor-to-beam roof lights are a great way of flooding the room with light, which makes them perfect for those room types that require lots of natural light, like a studio or craft room, or a home office.

Rear Dormer Conversions

Dormer loft conversions are the most popular type of conversion as it adds the practicality of extra head height. Once you start researching London loft extensions you’ll notice that many loft conversions are a dormer loft conversion for the very reason that they do give a large amount of space in return for your money.

In a typical home, you’ll often be able to add enough space for the likes of a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a home office space with a cloakroom toilet, or children’s bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom in between, for example. You may also be able to increase the loft space enough to include a luxury like a walk-in wardrobe!

Remember, however, that wherever you add a bathroom in a loft conversion you may need to think about additional costs such as upgrading your boiler to be able to supply all of the rooms in your home with hot water, but aspects such as this can be discussed with your loft conversion specialist up front at the design and planning stage so that you know exactly what your budget can achieve.

Wow factor loft conversion ideas

Of course, if you’re after a bit of wow factor within your loft conversion, there are some more luxurious options available to you. For example, why not opt for the floor to ceiling glass dormer windows? Or even bi-fold doors which completely open up the space onto a Juliette balcony? If you live in a Victorian terrace which has already had a double extension to the floors below, you may even be able to add a roof terrace as part of the design.

Obviously loft conversions that have these striking features do come with additional costs; the likes of bi-fold doors are not an economical choice. But then why put a price on your loft conversion ideas?!

London loft extensions: talk budget with Bespoke Lofts

No matter what your budget, Bespoke Lofts can help to make your dreams a reality, whether you are after a simple skylight conversion or something a little fancier like a dormer loft conversion. And why not dream big?!

Contact us today, and we’ll help you put your head, and your new loft room, in the clouds!

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