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Five Ways to make a Loft Extension Appear Bigger

Adding a loft conversion to your home will instantly give you a huge amount of space to play with, often being the size of the entire floorplan of your home. However, you are constrained somewhat by the roof and, at best, any dormer windows which you include. Sometimes the odd angles can leave you wishing that the space at least appeared larger.

There are some clever tricks, however, that can be used to add the illusion of space to any loft extension. Essex renovators, think about the following tricks to make your loft conversion – or indeed, any space within your home – look and feel bigger:

1. Use Natural Light

Letting as much natural light in as possible is one of the best things you can do to any loft conversion, regardless of its size. Allowing natural light in will instantly flood the room with that airy feel, which in turn will make it feel bigger.

2. Choose Light Colours

Just as natural light can make a room feel bigger, choosing light colours for your interior design can help too. Think about it: rooms which are painted in dark colours instantly feel enclosed. Instead, choose neutrals or pastel shades to open the room up.

There are also certain paints on the market nowadays which contain light reflecting particles, and you may choose to use these to help bounce all of that aforementioned natural light around the room. All of the tones available for this type of paint are soft neutrals, and so will help to add the feeling of space.

3. Don’t Forget the Ceilings!

Ceilings in a loft conversion can be awkward things, as the eaves are neither the walls nor the ceilings. So how do you paint them?

We would suggest painting the eaves the same colour as the walls, with a white ceiling on the flat parts of the roof. At the very least, we would suggest keeping the difference in tones between the eaves and the walls as minimal as possible.

4. Use Mirrors

This trick can be used throughout the home to make rooms appear bigger. Mirrors will naturally bounce light around a room. In a bedroom or bathroom, they are easy to include into the décor, too.In a study or games room they may appear harder to incorporate into the design. The key within a home office is to choose a mirror which fits into the overall style of the room. A section of mirror tiles on the wall for a contemporary space, for example, or in a more feminine office with a vintage touch, something slightly more ornate, or perhaps with a rustic wooden frame.

In a games room, why not choose something playful? Perhaps something like a retro pub mirror, complete with signwriting printed on it?

5. Build your Storage in

Using built-in storage will really help a space appear bigger, as it utilises all of those otherwise good-for-nothing nooks and crannies. Don’t just think of built in storage as wardrobes and cupboards, either; open shelving can also work well to increase the feeling of space, as its open nature doesn’t enclose the space.

Using a combination of the above factors will always help to add the feeling of valuable space to a loft conversion. If you’re unsure on how much space you’ll have to play with, or need any ideas on the design or finish of your loft conversion, feel free to contact Bespoke Lofts. We’ll give you a free, no obligation quote for your loft extension work.

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