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Loft Conversions: Style Tips from Designers

It’s easy to read interiors magazines, see the beautiful pictures and wonder how on earth we’d recreate those looks in real life. Often those from within the creative and design industries that have styled the rooms, and although it may look difficult to recreate, a few simple tricks and tips could be all you need to make your new loft conversion look beautiful.

We’ve rounded up our favourite tips from interior designers, room stagers and others within the creative and styling industries to help your loft conversion look its best.

Show off your Curves

Loft conversions are usually thought of as angular. Whilst this can often be the case, with plenty of unusual nooks and crannies, adding curves to your room can soften a space and give it that designer touch.

Curved windows can create this look – either curved dormers or floor to ceiling windows with a curved top – or how about curving the actual walls? Where the walls join the ceiling is traditionally a sharp angle, but by working with a contemporary architect and loft conversion company, they can design this to be slightly curved to add a soft touch to an attic room.

Light it up Large

Large scale windows are a must for a designer look. You may automatically think of floor to ceiling windows, and whilst this always looks stylish, they tend to have a more classic than contemporary look.

Instead, why not have floor to ceiling windows which continue as a sloped skylight onto the roof surface? Alternatively, stagger your floor to ceiling windows in height to add an edge to them.

Dormer windows can also be made to look modern. Why not add a long, narrow dormer space to your loft, and clad it in stylish black tiles to add a designer twist to the outside of your home?

The Natural Look

Using natural architectural elements is a key and easy way to bring that designer look to your loft conversion. Include aspects such as exposed brick fireplaces or natural wooden beams within your design to add a touch of chic architecture to your attic extension.

Use an Experienced Loft Conversion Company

And the best way to add the designer touch to a loft conversion? Use a company experienced with carrying our loft extensions. Essex wannabe interior designers can use Bespoke Lofts; we’ll help you to create the perfect designer space to rival any interiors magazine!

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