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Different Types of Loft Conversions: What will Suit your Needs?

There are many types of loft conversions, giving you plenty of choice if you’re looking to convert your loft into a habitable space. But how should you choose what type of loft conversion to go for? It’s important to think about which type of loft conversion will best suit your needs in London.

Need more Head Height? A Dormer Loft Conversion is for you.

Dormer loft conversions are the most common type of loft conversion. They’re suitable for almost all types of lofts, which means that regardless of whether you live in a small London townhouse, a semi-detached house or a bungalow, a dormer should work for your loft.

Dormer bungalows have an area which extends out from the loft which houses a window and is either flat roofed or has a pitched roof, depending on what type of finish you want on the exterior. This gives loft conversions extra head height, which means that they’re ideal if your loft has a low ceiling.

Dormer loft conversions are suitable for all room types, so whether you’re looking to create a guest bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, or need space for a home office, a dormer should suit all needs.

Need More Light? Consider a Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversions alter one of the sloping sides of a property’s roof to create a much steeper slope, usually at a 72 degree angle approximately. This usually requires a new timber frame for the roof, and lots of small dormers, which provide plenty of light and space within your new loft room.

This is perfect, therefore, if you’re looking to use your new loft conversion room for something like an art or creative studio, a hobby or games room, or if you need to fit more than one room within the loft space.

It’s important to be aware though that they won’t suit all types of properties in London, and it can be difficult to get planning permission for a mansard loft conversion in certain properties for this reason. Mansard loft conversions also involve more work, often requiring the entire roof to be replaced, so it’s worth considering whether you can cope with the build disruption.

Need a Simple Extension? A Skylight Loft Conversion will give you an Extra Room. 

If all you require from your loft extension is an extra habitable room, and you’re looking to keep costs down, then a simple skylight loft conversion could be all you need. This is a simple extension which won’t give you an extra room within your loft but is perfect for those that wish to use their loft as a small guest bedroom, for example, or a home office.

Need a More Space? A Hip to Gable Could be the Solution!

Hip to gable loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular choice, as they do open up a loft space to make it a large area to play with. The focus ins hip to gable loft conversions is on the property’s gable ends, and where a roof slopes at the ends, the hip to gable conversion replaces this with a vertical wall.

This automatically opens up the eave spaces so you can use your newly converted loft as one large room, or section it into several smaller rooms. This is ideal if you need to create two children’s bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom in between, for example.

No matter what you require from your loft conversion in London, there will be something to suit your needs. Contact Bespoke Lofts today to see what you could achieve with different types of loft conversions and receive a free quote. 

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