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Coming of Age: The Retirement Room in the Loft

Increasingly, as people retire, it’s not all about slowing down. It’s becoming more and more about enjoying life, and yes, leisure time is a big part of that, but we’re seeing increasing interest in dedicating whole rooms of our homes to our hobbies and our lifestyle.    

When it comes to loft room ideas, there’s not much more decadent and exciting than the retirement room. Forget growing old gracefully, if that’s not your thing; convert your loft and dedicate the whole of your attic to your leisure pursuits once you’ve retired.

The Age of Technology   

Technology plays a major part in many a retired person’s life nowadays, so why not turn your room over to the latest gadgets? From a cinema room to a music studio, do what you love most in your retirement.   

If you do decide to dedicate your new loft room to tech, make sure that you tell your loft conversion company this from the outset; they’ll then be able to ensure that the correct number and positioning of sockets and other outlets are in place.

The Age of Crafts   

Arts and crafts are so popular nowadays, and after retirement you’ll have plenty of time to indulge in those pursuits.   

If you’re going to use your new room for crafts, make sure that your loft conversion has plenty of light when it is converted, whether in the form of natural lights through skylights and dormer windows, or through good artificial light, strategically placed.

The Age of Gaming   

Enjoy a game of chess or bridge? Or perhaps pool or snooker? If you’ve got the room in your loft, why not convert your room into a games room?   

You could even set the space up to host small tournaments. Remember that it’s probably a good idea to install a small cloakroom bathroom in your attic so that you and your guests do not have too far to go between games.

The Age of Relaxation   

Whether you want to enjoy your new loft room to read all of those novels you didn’t get round to when you were working, or perhaps use the space as a yoga or Pilates studio, it’s easy to create a relaxing atmosphere.   

Think about what you want to achieve from the room; if it’s going to be a library, decorate with colours that won’t distract you, and perhaps add a reading nook feature within a dormer window. If you want somewhere calm to work out, choose neutral colours and maybe even look into the concepts of Feng Shui.

The Age of the Retirement Rooms  

Don’t worry if you want one type of room and your other half would prefer to use the space for something else; quite often a loft conversion is large enough to hold two rooms plus a cloakroom bathroom.   

Alternatively, by converting the loft, you may find that you free up some space from a room downstairs which was previously used to house both of your hobbies, and this will then allow either you or your partner to spread out in this room once you have vacated it into the loft.   

Regardless of your vision for your retirement room, Bespoke Lofts can help you to create it. Enjoy your golden years in your very own bespoke room; after all, you’ve earnt it.

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