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Loft Conversions: the Saviour of Growing Families

The Nursery

  From the minute baby arrives – and even before – you’ll acquire a mass of equipment, furniture and just general stuff. You may find, therefore, that your house is too small right from the off. If this is the case, you can make a beautiful nursery in a loft conversion.   

Specialist storage can be added, as well as a child-friendly bathroom for that all important bed-bath-bottle routine. You’re also likely to have plenty of room in the loft for the little added extras that most of us would like but just can’t fit in, such as a nursing chair.   

The only thing to remember with a loft nursery is that you may be up and down the stairs all night to tend to your little one. You may therefore want to think about relocating your master bedroom to the loft, as you’ll easily have space for a crib as well as a bed, and then moving baby downstairs when they are old enough.  

The Playroom

  Once your child is old enough, the loft makes an ideal space for a child’s bedroom, or alternatively you may want to change the space into a dedicated playroom.   

This is ideal for children that are happy and able to play independently of your supervision, as they can have all their toys in one place and make as much noise as they want! Remember to add dedicated storage for the toys, as this will encourage them to look after their new space.  

The Teenage Den

  It’s in the teenage years that you’ll find a loft conversion comes into its own. We’d advise planning ahead from an early age. Include a bathroom on the loft level wherever possible, as this will save countless hours of bickering over whose turn is next in the family bathroom once the kids become terrible teens.   

When designing a teenage hangout in the loft, make sure you include plenty of electric sockets for all of their gadgets, and make an area a dedicated homework space. Why not get your teen involved in the design, so that they can really take pride in the space?   

Whatever stage your family is at, it’s never too early to be thinking about converting your loft. Speak to Bespoke Lofts about the benefits of a loft conversion for your growing family.

There hasn’t been a parent-to-be anywhere that hasn’t started acquiring all of the paraphernalia needed for baby and panicked about the size of their house.   Most of us can get by for the first few years, but what solution is there for growing families? For those of us living in space-strapped London, loft conversions are the way forward for families on the up.
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