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Trick of the Light: Brighter Loft Conversion

Natural light is always at the top of the wish list during any renovation project. Getting enough natural light into a conversion is often a worry when it comes to a loft extension. Walthamstow properties thankfully lend themselves to a range of creative ways to gain extra light, which is what we’re going to look at in this article.

Let the Sun Shine

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways you can get natural light into your loft conversion. Of course, the option of skylights and dormer windows have been options for many a year, but there are more alternatives available, nowadays too.

Light tunnels are perfect for those hard to reach area, throwing a spotlight of natural sunlight into the room. They can be used over a staircase, for example, to not only highlight the architecture of that part of the loft extension, but to also increase the light in an otherwise hard to reach area.

Alternatively, floor to ceiling windows and French doors onto balconies offer a lot of light into your new room, as well as creating a focal point if you have a view to look out onto.

Set the Mood

If you can’t use natural light in certain spaces, there are plenty of options available to create mood lighting.

Uplighters and dimmer switches can be used to create a softer feel in bedrooms, spotlights and large, contemporary floor standing lamps can throw light into home studies, and why not add a disco light to a kid’s playroom within your loft conversion to create a bit of fun?

Into the Dark

Sometimes, no matter what we do, there will be areas within our loft conversions that are naturally darker than other parts. But why not embrace the gloom? Use the space wisely, and you’ll hardly notice the lack of light.

For example you could use alcoves to house bookshelves, and you can always add a small table lamp to one shelf to create a dash of atmosphere. Similarly, if there is one end or side to your loft conversion which is darker than other parts, why not use this as the bed area? After all, it’s sometimes more conducive to a better night’s sleep to have a darker atmosphere.

If you have some sharp eaves in one part, why not use that end to fit an ensuite bathroom? Just imagine a cosy candlelit bath in an otherwise dark and unloved part of the room.

No matter what you do with the space, if you want to shed some light on creating a loft conversion, contact Bespoke Lofts for more information. We’ll happily help to add some light and sparkle into an otherwise unused space within your home, and we’ll help to make the dark cosy, too.

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