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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas for London Homes

dormer loft conversion London - extending upward

A dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular types of attic conversion. Due to the generous extra space they give and the design features they can offer, adding a dormer attic conversion can truly enhance your home. For London properties in particular, where outside space can be in short supply, going up rather than going out when extending your home can be an advantageous use of the space within your property.

Why does a dormer loft conversion suit London properties?

It’s all about preserving that precious outside space. London properties are notorious for gardens on the small side, so you won’t want to sacrifice any of that with a traditional ground floor extension. Furthermore, many properties in London have already had an extension added to the ground floor, so you likely won’t want to add to this, or you may not get planning permission for any additions.

The beauty of a loft conversion, and particularly a dormer conversion, is that it can buy you additional space on the top floor of your home without having to sacrifice any of that outside space. Dormer conversions will suit most London homes, and if your home has already been extended to the two floors below, you may even be able to develop over the top of the existing extension to create more space still.

What are the ideal design ideas for dormer conversion for London properties?

The great thing about dormer windows nowadays is that you’re not restricted to the boxy dormer of old. Yes, there is a place for a flat-roofed, box dormer within many a home, and they can truly make the most of your loft space. But even if you do go down this route, there are so many ways that you can make the protruding box a feature of your London home, for example, by using smart cladding to enhance its external look.

You can also add smaller windows with a pitched roof, like cottage dormers, which could suit a London home with a little more character to it. Speak to your loft conversion specialist about whether this type of dormer window will give you enough of the extra space that you require.

Don’t forget that you can create a stunning L-shaped dormer extension if you do go over the top of a previous double story extension. This modification could even include a small area designed as a roof terrace, which will give you more of that aforementioned outdoor space!

How can I incorporate stylish dormer window ideas into my London home?

Don’t forget that the dormer windows themselves can be part of the design feature. If you are fortunate enough to have views in London, perhaps over one of the city’s many stunning parks, then why not opt for floor to ceiling dormer windows? These will positively make the most of those views.

You can also incorporate a Juliet balcony into your dormer window ideas to bring the city outside your windows into your home. Alternatively, why not add a window seat to your new dormer window to watch the city go by? Just don’t get distracted by those London views if you’re trying to cosy up and read in your window seat!

How can I use my London dormer loft conversion?

There are so many ways that a dormer conversion can benefit your home. If you’re currently working remotely or likely to be working from home more, your London property can use its new attic conversion as a home office.

Alternatively, suppose you have a growing family and don’t want to move outside of the boundaries of London. In that case, a dormer attic conversion could give you additional bedrooms and maybe even an extra bathroom up top. Whether you use it as additional children’s bedrooms, or perhaps a master suite - and therefore a special grown-up space - is up to you!

Ready to add a dormer loft conversion to your London home? Contact Bespoke Lofts!

A dormer loft conversion can benefit your London home. You’ll create extra space without sacrificing your garden, and you can add a little wow factor as well as adding some funky design ideas to your home. If you’re ready to do so, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We can help London homes make the most of their loft space with the help of a dormer attic conversion.

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