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Bungalow Loft Conversion Ideas

Bungalows are the property of choice for many. Once the preserve of the elderly, nowadays many families and young people are interested in buying bungalows because of their large footprint and often generous gardens to match. They also have the potential to create spacious homes courtesy of a bungalow loft conversion. So if you have a bungalow and are looking to convert the loft, what will you do with yours? Read on for some top ideas of how best to use your bungalow attic.

Extend a Family Home

Bungalows make excellent family homes because of their large footprint. As many of these single-storey properties already have two or three bedrooms downstairs, just imagine how much bigger you can make your family home by adding additional bedrooms upstairs.

A bungalow loft conversion for a family home can work well in a variety of ways:

  • You can create additional bedrooms upstairs or even a master suite. This means that whether you’re accommodating additions to the family, need an adult retreat or want to create a kids’ only zone, extra bedrooms will work well for you.
  • You could move all bedrooms upstairs, which will free up the original bedrooms downstairs for a playroom, a study or to create an open plan family kitchen and living space.
  • You can gain extra bathrooms, which are a huge bonus when teenagers are in the house.

Just think of how your family could benefit from all of the extra space that a bungalow attic conversion could give you!

Turn your House Upside Down

We aren’t saying that a bungalow conversion will turn your house upside down in terms of disruption – far from it if you are using a specialist loft conversion company – but you can, quite literally, turn your living spaces upside down. This works particularly well if you have a rural bungalow, or a seaside bungalow, which benefits from stunning views.

For example, you can create a bungalow loft conversion, and move your living and dining room and potentially even your kitchen upstairs – perhaps in as an open plan living space – and leave your bedrooms downstairs, to make the most of any beautiful views you may have. Just think of the light and views you could have from floor to ceiling windows in a bungalow loft conversion!

Create a Large Workspace

If you work from home, particularly in a profession which requires space such as an artist, or perhaps you are part of a small team needs to share the same office space, then a bungalow conversion could be the perfect solution.

Situating your home office or studio in the loft space of a bungalow will give it a completely separate feel to the rest of the house, which will allow you to have a buffer between work and home life, something which is often blurred when you work from home regularly. As bungalow attic conversions can often be quite large, you may even be able to fit in a small washroom or even a kitchenette.

Make the Most of your Bungalow Loft Conversion

You can find out more about what’s involved in converting a bungalow loft by reading our article, ‘Everything you Need to Know about Bungalow Loft Conversions’.

Whatever you decide to do with your bungalow loft conversion, make the most of it with Bespoke Lofts. We have a wealth of expertise in converting bungalow lofts into a variety of room types to give homeowners a new lease of life within their bungalow. Get in touch today!

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