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Space: the Final Frontier with Loft Conversions!

You can often achieve more than one room – or if you’d rather, one extra-large room – and you won’t lose any garden space either.Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how much extra space you could gain from a loft conversion. Of course, every house is different, and it does depend on the size of your loft overall, but if you’re not sure how much living space you could add to your home, here are a few ideas to whet your appetite:

Terraced Houses

The most popular use for a loft conversion in a terraced house is, unsurprisingly, an extra bedroom. Most terraced houses have enough room for a good sized master bedroom on the top floor – particularly if a dormer window is installed – plus an ensuite shower room or, at the very least, an ensuite toilet.   An extra bedroom is particularly popular in a traditional two-up, two-down terrace or cottage, but have you considered your other possibilities for a terrace house loft conversion? These include:   

·         A good sized home office: particularly popular for London living. 

·         A home cinema room: very on trend with young couples who perhaps haven’t got the space downstairs for all of the mod-cons they would like. 

·         A children’s playroom: keep the downstairs of your house clutter free and let the children play upstairs!   

Semi-Detached Houses  

Just like terraced houses, a generous master bedroom is always a good choice for semi-detached loft conversions London wide. As the capital’s semi-detached houses are usually a little more generous than their terraced counterparts, you can normally afford to have a proper bathroom or shower room installed, rather than just a toilet.   

You may also wish to consider converting your semi-detached loft into more than one room. For example, you could have your master suite with a small home office off to one side, or why not convert the space into two smaller bedrooms, with a shared bathroom in between? The latter option is ideal for teenagers or older children who need to share the space.   

Detached Houses

The world is your oyster with detached loft conversions! You’ll often have a large footprint to play with, and some of the best detached-house loft conversions we’ve seen have included:   

·         A master bedroom, complete with his and hers dressing rooms and an ensuite bathroom. ·         A complete granny annexe – or teenager annexe – in the loft, creating the feel of a self-contained flat. 

·         A guest bedroom and a home gym.   

No matter how big or small your loft is, there is always a way to gain valuable habitable space. Speak to Bespoke Lofts, and we can talk you through the options available to you. You’ll soon see that when it comes to loft conversions, space really is the final frontier!

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